Constraints that affect operations of Jaguar

Portential Local impact

The local impact of Jaguar's Halewood Assembly Plant is that there will be more jobs available within the community because Jaguar will need to employ people to run their plant, this will help the community to decrease the number of people who are unemployed thus bringing more money within the community. The people who are employed by Jaguar will be trained and develop their skills. Furthermore the production is planned to operate cleaner and environment friendly decreasing the affect to the local community making them feel safer and lessen the future complaints that they may have. This factors will make Jaguar to operate smoothly.

On the other hand the cons would be an increase in pollution (air,thermals,noise etc...) thus this will affect some people everyday lives because pollution alters e.g. there is some studies that pollution can cause cancer. Furthermore it affects some people to move away due to the plant will be built in or near their place. The affect of this to Jaguar is it will be harder for them to operate smoothly because there will be some people who will interfere e.g. protest to stop/reduce some aspects of their operations making Jaguar operation (e.g. productivity) to slowdown.

Statutory controls

Statutory controls e.g. employment protection,equal opportunities and health and safety covers bullying, harassment, equal pay, discrimination, data protection, safety etc... This factors will affect Jaguar will it will add cost to Jaguar because they need to spend some money to train employee to meet the standards, but a it will be easier to recruit people due to good health and safety record. Furthermore the employees will respect each other and feel safer and treated fairly this will make the staff to be more motivated making the Jaguar productivity to increase.

Environmental controls e.g. reducing/limiting/recycling waste will add cost to Jaguar because they will sped money in researching and developing how to reduce their waste. Furthermore Jaguar is will try to operate cleaner and more environmentally efficient this might affect the productivity because they will need to do more things operating environment efficient. Furthermore it will add cost because money will be spent to reduce/limit/recycle the waste but it can also reduce cost because the recycled waste can be used into useful things.

Public issues

Jaguar's Halewood Plant been improving the community relation by making 800+ employees to help in the local community projects like helping elderly local people in their gardens, making a school garden, restore ground of the church. This will have a positive impact to local opinion to the Jaguar image, this will make Jaguar operation turn smoothly because it will reduce the interference the might occur.