Capstone Free Resources - Expanded

Additional resources for at-home learning

As spring break ends and remote learning continues, we at Capstone would like to extend our hand to help support your transition from your libraries and classrooms to remote learning.

We understand that while you have likely been inundated with free resources to keep your students learning, you also want to feel supported with content that you love and depend on.

Virtual Meetings

I'm able to assist with any support that you may need while you teach remotely. I can reach out via a virtual meeting to assist you with your remote PebbleGo access, collection analysis, or with any questions that you may have regarding Capstone resources available to you. Simply email or call to let me know how I can help.

Stategic Planning

We understand that now is a tricky time to ship books, renew products, and finalize school year budgets. Please reach out to me if you have any concerns and we will work with you to make accommodations. We have end of the year promotions to help, if you have remaining funds to spend. We are also allowing you to order eBooks now and exchange for print later, if you prefer.

COVID-19 Article and Activities for Kids

Learning the facts about scary things like this can often help ease kids’ minds. To help, we’ve added a new article in the PebbleGo Science module called “COVID-19”.

Indoor Reading Bingo

Head to Capstone's "Reading is for Everyone" home page to download "Indoor Reading Bingo," a much-loved at-home reading activity.

Thank you for all you do to support your kids. We see you!

Melissa Kirchoff

Lead Direct Sales Representative

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