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Growth Mindset and Sibley 3rd Graders

We are excited to share with you some important learning that is occurring with our 3rd graders here at Sibley around fixed and growth mindsets. Sibley teachers have spent the last 2 years studying the work of Dr. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University professor of Psychology. Dweck’s 2006 book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success looks at the concept of “growth mindsets” and “fixed mindsets” among successful people ranging from professional athletes to CEOs of the world’s largest companies.

Defining Mindsets:

Fixed Mindset: a belief that a person has a predetermined amount of intelligence, skills and talent.

Growth Mindset: a belief that suggests intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence and effort.

Dweck’s research has contributed to a major shift in thinking about student learning and intelligence. Learners with a growth mindset believe they can learn just about anything. It might take some struggle and failure, but with effort and persistence, they can succeed!

Sibley Grade 3 Plan:

Tania Will and Becky Gainey (Sibley Instructional Coaches) have been working alongside Sibley 3rd grade teachers to engage students in learning about these mindsets and what it means for their learning. We have spent time developing a language for learning, embracing mistakes as part of the journey and understanding how our thinking impacts possibilities! We believe that all students can succeed with effort and motivation, and by giving students tools to develop a growth mindset, they will be better equipped to face challenges.

What is My Role as a Parent?

It is our hope to teach you a little about Mindsets and ways you can support your child in his/her learning. We will share video clips and notes from our lessons to provide a consistent language when helping your child study and take on new challenges. Please watch the video entitled, "You Can Learn Anything!" by Khan Academy by clicking on the picture of the brain below.