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History Rocks! Volume 4 Issue #7

"Kindness is like snow-It beautifies everything it covers." - Kahlil Gibran


Spring 2021 is here! If you are an 8th grade or high school U.S. history teacher, could you please fill out this survey to help with the planning of our STAAR/EOC Review session this semester?

Happenings Around the State, Nation, and World

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 18, 2021) Resources

Ruby Bridges Message of Martin Luther King, Jr. Life Lesson

MLK Day Legacy
National Archives-African American History Portal

In January, to honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we remember his contributions to the nation and his role in the civil rights movement.- per National Archives

Resources for Teaching Holocaust Remembrance Week, January 25-29, 2021

In response to the passage of Senate Bill 1828 in 2019, the Governor’s Office designated the week of January 27 as the annual Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week in all Texas public schools. The 2nd annual Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week will take place January 25-29, 2021. During this week, all public schools must provide age-appropriate instruction using materials developed by the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC).

The THGC has created a Holocaust Remembrance Week webpage to help Texas educators use their planning and instructional resources for Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week. Please take a moment to review the best practices, lesson plans, resources, links, and readings that the THGC has approved, including resources from Texas holocaust museums.

THGC Director of Education Dr. J.E. Wolfson is also available to answer any questions, to explain Holocaust Remembrance Week resources, to provide insight, and to make recommendations as you plan your lessons. Contact Dr. Wolfson via e-mail and he will be happy to give you a call if you prefer. All THGC resources and services are free!

-Texas Education Agency, Social Studies

Webinar for Planning Holocaust Remembrance: 1/10/21

This FREE webinar takes place at 4 PM on Sunday, January 10, via Zoom. Space is limited, so you are encouraged to register early via this webinar registration link.

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission 2021 THGC Student Contests in Poetry and Visual Arts!

"Sites of Memory"

For our 2021 Student Contests, the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) invites Texas students in 6th through 12th grades to learn about places that deserve to be remembered because they were the location of events in Holocaust or genocide history.

Here is what to do:

Choose a place/event in Holocaust or genocide history to research. This means that you should select an event that happened during the Holocaust or during the Armenian genocide, Cambodian genocide, Rwandan/Burundian genocide, Bosnian genocide, Darfur genocide, or Iraqi/Syrian genocide. We have provided a list of suggestions of places/events further down on this page, but you may choose a place/event that is not on the list. Then, create a memorial that you imagine could be placed at the chosen location to commemorate the event that happened there. (Note: be sure to create a memorial to a past event. In other words, your art should depict a memorial to what happened, and not what happened.) Because your memorial is for a contest, it is expected to be more detailed than the sample memorials that are provided above.

The contest results will be announced on this page and featured on social media in April 2021 to commemorate Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month.

-per THGC Website

National History Day Participant Teacher Bag

We the Students Scholarship Essay Contest

Sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute...Deadline April 15, 2021!

Happenings Around the Region

Weekly Social Studies Support Opportunities

Region 17 Social Studies Virtual Office Hours

In this new weird world of virtual support, Region 17 Social Studies will be available for office hours every Monday. Register in ESC Works and then fill out the google form to sign up for time slot.

Historically Speaking Weekly Chats

Join us on Thursdays after school for a chance to hear what's new in social studies, new resources, testing news, collaboration with other teachers from our region, and occasionally a guest speaker! See weekly topics below!!!

Historically Speaking Weekly Topics

January 14- STAAR Updates and Brainstorming

January 21- Holocaust Remembrance Week Planning Session

January 28- TEKS Resource System Social Studies Updates

Canvas Self-Paced Social Studies Course are Open!!!

Differentiation in the Social Studies Classroom

This course provides resources and strategies to help all of our students be successful in their social studies class.

Depth and Complexity in the Social Studies Classroom

The course counts for your GT 6 Hour Update!

Citizen Bee Regional Contest

2021 Region 17 Citizen Bee Competition for High School students! Register using the linked google form and start studying!!!

Resource Spotlight

National History Day Web Central

Check out this website to help with your National History Day projects!!!!

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