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Using Flippity to Engage Students


When you open up a Google Sheet, you're usually wanting to easily keep track of data in a digital format. However, there are several additional options for creating lessons using Google Sheets. The best resource for this is a site called Flippity. Here, you can create flashcards, Jeopardy games, and even a random name chooser, all using Sheets. But, the best thing about using these is that the templates are already created! You just have to fill in the information.

Publish to the Web

In each of the following resources, once you've created your material, you will need to "Publish to the Web" so it can be utilized in your classroom. In a Google Sheet (or Doc, or otherwise), simply go to the File tab at the top. Then, about three-fourths of the way down the list, you will see an option to "Publish to the Web." Once clicked, you are able to set some options, click Publish, and the link is created for you to share out with your students!

Creating Flashcards with Flippity

The easiest use of Flippity is to create flashcards. They aren't as flashy and gamified as using Quizlet, but if you're wanting to have a digital "stack" of flashcards, I'd recommend Flippity. On the site, you will make a copy of the Sheets template and then type in what you'd like to appear on each side of the card. Then, once you Publish to the Web, your flashcards can be easily shared with all students! I create the flashcards, then after publishing to the Web, create a TinyURL that students can access, and students to review the unit vocabulary throughout.

A Jeopardy Style Review Game

There are, of course, several different Jeopardy options out there from the web to the SMART Board, but Flippity has a really neat one that's an easy set up. Once again, make a copy of the template and then insert your questions into the appropriate point totals, and enjoy a jeopardy review game courtesy of Flippity. Richard Byrne, from Free Tech 4 Teachers, created a really nice Screencast of this option if you'd like to check it out.

Random Name Generator

If you've ever used a Random Name Generator in class previously, you know the students' anticipation of seeing their name highlighted. There is one in the SMART Notebook program, but I also found this one to be quite beneficial as well. When the copy of the Sheet is made, enter your students' names, and then your random name generator is ready to go!

Flippity Add-On

The Flippity website has several options available in addition to the ones that I have previously written about. But, the coolest option is that there is now an Add-On in Google Sheets! This allows you to create these neat resources within Sheets, making it much easier and more efficient to insert these items into your classroom!

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