Go Global Training

What We Learned!!!

Go Global 2013

Hello everyone! This flyer is only going to our Executive Directors and above. I wanted to drop you each a quick line and let you know what happened at Go Global and what our take away's were. Rather than typing it all out, we've each recorded brief videos for you to watch...don't worry they are short. Call if you have any questions.

Summary of the take away's

  • The evolved comp plan is exciting and will help us grow quicker
  • Tony Jeary taught about The High Performance Team - look for a training soon on this subject
  • Social Media is so critical for growth - don't let it scare you - more training to follow. We will have a private facebook group up and running soon. Please get your team involved in it!
  • Be focused on what you want and where you want to take your business, follow up with your mentor and put the actions in place
  • The groups that are growing fastest create great relationships, train regularly, mentor often, are focused on their goals and celebrate the successes of everyone.