Income Inequality: Let's End It

By: Caroline Chipman

What is income inequality?

Income inequality is the unequal distribution of income in America today. Basically, the income of the rich is much larger than that of the lower classes, and this difference in income continues to grow. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the gap between them is continuing to grow at an alarming pace.

Why is Income Inequality Bad?

Violations of Social Justice and Catholic Social Teaching

Income Inequality is an extreme violation of Catholic Social Teaching and social justice. Social justice is the defense of human dignity by ensuring that essential human needs are met and essential human rights are protected for all people. Income inequality is a huge violation of this because it does not protect human dignity in any way, shape, or form. This large gap between rich and poor protects human rights and provides basic needs for the rich, but as for the poor, they are not able to exercise their rights and unable to meet their needs. In addition to going against social justice, income inequality violates most of the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching. For example, income inequality greatly violates preferential option for the poor which says that we must show more concern for the poor and help them out. Income inequality does the complete opposite. It causes the poor to become poorer. The dignity of work and rights of workers is also violated by income inequality. As a people, we need to respect the rights of our workers and the dignity of their work by paying them just wages. Income inequality does not do this at all because the poor are not paid nearly fair enough wages.

We need to put an end to income inequality in America today because it is a violation to human dignity everywhere and totally against how God created this world to be.

Taking Action

The top ten percent of our country holds nearly 75 percent of the wealth, and even worse, the top one percent owns 40 percent while the bottom 80 percent holds only 7 percent! The rich are going to continue to get richer, and the poor are going to continue to get poorer unless we as a people do something about this. The government needs to take action in fixing this gap, and we as individuals can contribute by signing petitions and writing to government officials.

- Take five seconds and sign my petition to Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue and Rep Barry Loudermilk:

- Visit Other 98 is a nonprofit organization that is against income inequality. They want to make a change in the world for the better and create more equality between rich and poor. Go to their website and sign the many petitions they have regarding different aspects of income inequality.

- Go to and email your state's senators and local representative.

Wealth Inequality in America