Marble Cake

By: me :)

Sensory description

The top layer of the cake was hard but the inside was soft and moist. The cake had a mixture of strong vanilla and cocoa smell. It mostly tasted like chocolate. It was very sweet from the caster sugar. The cake didn't stick together well there were crumbs everywhere as from the picture you can see lots of cracks but there are swirls in the cake to give it the marble cake look.
Big image


  • What went well?

The appearance of the cake.

  • What didn't go well?
It was crumbling a lot.
  • How can you improve?
I can improve by making the cake mixture able to stick with each other more and make less cracks.
  • How did you work with your partner?
I worked with my partner pretty well we cleaned up and everything before the hour was up.
  • How was your time management?
Our management was good we manage to get the right measurement of ingredients and we listened and understand the teachers instruction.