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Restricted Access to the Internet in School

The internet is gradually becoming a huge problem for school systems. Even though the school system restricts access to certain websites, students are figuring out how to access innapropriate websites during school hours. Since most students nowadays grew up in the technology era, it is becoming harder for administrations to block access to innapropriate websites.

It's Not Bad for Everyone

Sixth grade teacher in Holiday, Florida, Mari Barrera always wants to help her students learn better in anyway she can think of. The school district recently lifted a firewall in place to block off social media websites. Teachers including Mari Barrera can now access YouTube and other social media websites in order to help her students learn better. The school districts surrounding have kept the firewall in place and do not plan on lifting their firewall.
Although all is well with the internet in Florida, a school in Texas is far from okay. The fifteen year old son of Christopher Fritz and Pamela Toni was gone for eighteen days after meeting someone online at school. The school did state that their son did meet someone online while at school. Fritz and Toni have been going through their son's computer to see if they can find any clues of where he might be. Their son eventually returned eighteen days later.
After schools in the surrounding areas heard about the fifteen year olds disapearence, they realized that it is getting close to impossible to restrict access to the internet. The school system is now encouraging parents to talk and teach their children about internet safety.

Opposing Restricted Access to Internet in School

Most people in a school administration want to restrict internet access to students for obvious reasons, they don't want students to be on innapropriate websites. Some individuals believe it is just easier for administration to block websites than to track online activity. Teachers believe blocking websites does not teach students anything and that their goal should be to focus on the students developmental skills such as responsibility and trust.

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