Helpful Hints/Strategies

By: Destiny Hines

Impact of Long-term Memory

Long-term memory is the system that maintains knowledge, information and procedures permanently or over extended periods. It would be a good thing to use and put into motion for remembering lessons and work stuff from school.

There are several techniques to help students enhance their understanding through long-term memory strategies.

Techniques to help students enhance their understanding through long-term memory

Helpful Hints

  • Review previous lessons and relevant material to trigger information
  • Write "memory plans" before studying for tests or undertaking course work or activities that require a lot of memory, particularly courses with a cumulative knowledge base
  • Shift between multiple formats, such as auditory, visual, and experiential, during instruction
  • Model the use of techniques for organizing and remembering information, such as rehearsal, elaboration, and mnemonic strategies, during your instruction
  • Make use of peers to help each student gain a complete understanding of directions and "to be remembered" information
  • Use episodic memory to enhance semantic memory and vice versa. Help others give students direct experience with a topic to build episodic memory then have students transfer what they've learned into semantic memory, Which is very helpful
  • Provide students with a set of questions to ask themselves while learning and studying to help promote their own development of strategies
  • Get a goodnight's sleep

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