My Smore Flyer

My Own Mount Rushmore.

Written By Courtney Shaw Mrs. Bellow

The second person. I would put on my own Mount Mount Rushmore is near Keystone South Dakota. It was designed by Gutzon Borglum.

There are four faces on Mount Rushmore. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,

Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Linclon. It was finished in 1941. If I could design My Own Mount

Rushmore i would have the faces of the following people, who are important to me, carved into the

granite: mom, Grandma Sarah, Korby and dad.

Rushmore would be my Mom brought me a iPod.

She let me have 10.00 to go skating with my friend She help my friends when they need help.

She helps me when I am crying. She pays the bills to

he helps my friend ahem they crying.She helps me with my feels when people still my friends.

She helps me with my homework.

Third person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore would be Korby.

Korby drive me to chuckle cheese. Korby drive me to the store.

Korby helps me sharpen my pencil because my pencil will not sharpen. Korby helps me when my PS3 because It will not work.

He helps when my feels get sad. He helps to clean my room.

He helps when's I get hurt. He helps when my back hurt.

The last person would put on my Own Mount Rushmore would be My dad James Golden.My dad works.

He works at five star. My dad helps my family. He pays the bills.

He helps with my homework. He helps when my feels too.

He pays my important stuff. He pays my mudsin and my eyes too.

He helps my friends with there homework on Friday. He pays me a animal.

He helps when my friends when they get hurt too. Those are the four people I would put on my Mount Rushmore.

I chose them because they are important to me.They think I am the most beautiful gril in the world.