Ali Conte

Election of 1960

  • Republican Nixon v. Democratic Kennedy
  • Roman Catholic while most elected Presidents had been Protestant
  • JFK only won the popular vote by .02%
  • The televised debates played a huge role
  • Nixon had an injured leg and looked sickly in general which negatively affected his image to the voters

Cold War

  • Flexible Responses: The process of developing multiple military strategies to use in different situations.
  • Alliance for Progress: It was a program that tried to lower the distribution of wealth in Latin America and quiet Communist agitation. Mostly unsuccessful.
  • Bay of Pigs: Exiles landed in the Bay but Kennedy was against the direct intervention of the overthrow of Fidel Castro, leading to the exiles' surrender
  • Kennedy ordered a quarantine of Cuba, blocking it until Soviet ships approached and signed a compromise to pull missiles out of Cuba.
  • Ended the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Berlin Wall: A wall constucted by Soviets in the middle of Germany which stopped people in Communist East Germany from crossing over into West Germany.

Civil Rights

  • Kennedy was a supporter of the Civil Rights Movement, and his support swayed many African American votes in his favor, which played a large factor in his winning the election.
  • MLK began a campaign against discrimination in Birmingham, Alabama, where protesters were attacked by dogs and sprayed with water hoses. JFK was shocked and promised to find a solution to racial discrimination.
  • March on Washington: MLK leads a peaceful march of 200,000 supporters in August of 1963 in support of civil rights.

Kennedy Assassination

  • He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.
  • Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby who 'avenged' Kennedy
  • LBJ was sworn into office, and for the most part retained Kennedy's cabinet and staff.