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What App Do I Get?

iPad Apps by Request

What apps are the best ones for icoaches to have? The apps are out there - but finding the perfect app for the work you do can be daunting. Title I has some suggestions to start you out... some may work for and some may not. Notetaking apps depend on your preference for handwriting or typing for example- but we hope this information is helpful in getting you on your way!

Calendar Apps

Note Taking Apps

Wow! There are sooo many great note taking apps! Especially FREE ones... we encourage you to try some out and see what you suits you best. Do you want to hand write, type, draw, or be able to do it all? Are you looking for that all in one app or maybe apps that work together? In any case, we have some suggestions for you. The following are paid apps available by request. (Please don't forget Evernote - it is a free one that you might be interested in!)

Get the App!

When you are ready to try out an app - just send an app request by clicking on the link below. If there are others out there you would like to use, simply suggest the app on your request form.

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