Francisco Pizarro

By: Daisy Wood


Francisco Pizarro was born in 1476 in Trujillo, Spain and died on June 26,1541. Pizarro's father was a poor farmer, while his mother was a humble heritage. He grew up as a illegitimate child without learning to read or write. Instead Pizarro helped his father with the farm.


Pizarro's first discovery was when he was sailing with Balboa, when they discovered the Pacific Ocean. Another one of Pizarro's achievements was when he conquered Peru and killed their ruler, Atahualpa. He also founded the capital city of Lima. Pizarro also became ruler of Cusco, Incan Empire.
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Impact on the World

Pizarro impacted the world by opening a new way for Spain to colonize most of South America. He found gold, silver, and food, and brought it back to Spain.

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