Procedures of civil cases

The proper way to use arbitration or mediation. Step by step

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Step 1

You hire a lawyer who files a complaint with the proper court.

Complaint- a formal statement naming the plaintiff and the defendant and describes the lawsuit.

The court then sends a summons.

Summons- a document telling the defendant of the suit against him/her and orders him/her to appear in court on a certain day and time.

Step 2

Defendant may respond to the charges by having my own attorney answer to the complaint.

Pleadings- the compliant and the answer together.

Preponderance of evidence.

The lawyers on both sides gather evidence to help their case.

Step 3

Pretrial conference: judge might have both parties in a meeting to help clarify differences and prepare for the trial.

Or the defendant and their lawyer may think that the your case is to strong and then just offer you a settlement.

Step 4


If the the parties do not settle the case goes to trial.

Jury of 6-12 people or a judge may hear the case alone.

1. You presents your side 1st then the defendant.

2. Both sides then summarize their cases.

3. Then judge or jury decides the case.

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Step 5

Verdict- the decision

Either the defendant has to pay or win and you get NADA and you have to pay court costs.

Step 6

The last step!