Eastside Pathways

Newsletter #1

Dear Eastside Pathways Board & Staff:

We want to say Thank You.

We began 2013 by launching the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, bringing together dozens of individuals from many organizations to give the children in Bellevue a great start. Our first projects – around school readiness, summer and extended learning and attendance -- showed what we can do when we work together. Our year ended with our data team, which worked diligently to find reliable and trustworthy data for our indicators, finishing our Baseline Report to the community. On behalf of that team and the entire partnership, we are immensely proud to include that report with this message. The report, along with a report summary also attached, will be included on our website very soon.


Highlights of the Year

· Introducing the Campaign for Grade Level work to the community at the Strawberry and Blueberry festivals

· Completing our assessment for StriveTogether

· Launching our community engagement work initially with youth and parents

· Developing an initial decision-making process for our partnership

· Board and staff attending the RACE exhibit at the Pacific Science Center and having an excellent discussion to advance our commitment to equity

New Staff Members

Beginning Monday, January 6th, 2014 Eastside Pathways welcomes two new members to the team, Charlotte Anthony as our Communications and Administrative Associate and Kelly Jones as our Data Entry Officer for Eastside Pathways. Read more here.

Baseline Report

Eastside Pathways is pleased to release its first Baseline Report -- a document summarizing our efforts as a Partnership, and the impact our work is having on children and youth in the Bellevue community. To read a copy of the Eastside Pathways Baseline Report, click here. To read a copy of a six-page summary of the Eastside Pathways Baseline Report, click here.

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