Land Rush

Destiny Calivere

Seeking A New Life

African Americans and Immigrant were the main participants in the Land Rush. This large event took place in Oklahoma. The government motivated people by to come westward by creating the Homestead Act which gave people 160 acres of land for 10 dollars. However, they had to stay there for 5 years.

Confusion, Chaos, and Sacrifice

Women and men rushed to claim land. Boom towns sprung up overnight. People traveled by train, horse, and wagon. Some even traveled by bicycle or foot. When it started everyone was caught in the complete chaos. Many could not keep up with each other as they tried to be the ones to get a plot of land first before they could not get any at all.

Building A New Life

People claimed land by planting a flag. In order for someone to keep their land they had to grow wheat and typically build a sod house. Most people farmed with a steel plow because it put the seeds deep in the ground where more moisture was.

Medical Story

On July 9, 1893 an amazing event happened. Daniel Williams performed open heart surgery. He in fact performed the first successful open heart surgery without anesthesia.


The Homestead Act was a major influence of Westward Expansion. Since this was a government policy it showed many people that by traveling west they even had the support of the government.