Three Blind Mice

by: Christopher Clark

The Story

Three little blind mice can cause trouble for a little town. One of these little mice especially gets a kick out of breaking in people's houses and stealing stuff. He's been arrested multiple times but has only charged with misdemeanors plus had many indictments until today. Today he stole money from the person, in total he stole $1,000 enough in that town to get him for a felony, but the cop arrested the wrong mouse! He was immediately sent to jail and the bail for him was denied. Later that day he was given an arraignment and was asked if he wanted to do a plea bargaining, he said no. So, Court was just around the corner, so the clerk issued subpoenas for the other two mice and they were given a public defender, these make them the defendant. "Good thing this wasn't a federal offense because then we'd have to go through a grand jury, they tend to be harsher, pet-it juries seem to be kinder and it's a less important case if they decide on it" , said John (Public Defender). It's court day and the little blind mouse was guided to his seat. The Judge sounded intimidating, the mouse was shaking like a leaf on a tree. "There seems to be no witnesses" ,said John. John warned the little mouse that he is not allowed to lie under oath because that could lead to another charge called perjury. After a lengthy trial the judge said, " The verdict of the jury on the prosecution of the mouse is that he will be acquitted of any charges against based on lack of evidence." "Yay!" shouted the three little mice." "No appeals i assume for the defendent?" said the judge jokingly. After the three mice returned home they had a get together and told the one who actually did the stealing, "You to never commit a crime ever again! That was too close!" The gloomy little apologized for all the trouble he had caused and the money was stolen. Then there was happily ever after.
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