Nathan Taylor Demigod

The Sound of the Gods

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I am Nathan Taylor and I am a creator of a type of music you don’t hear on radios or movies, it’s more for the entertainment of listening to something odd, different and interesting, a genre of music only a Demi-God, which is what I am, could make and understand.

At the moment, I am working on making music for a music video I thought of making, working in the audio room and bringing in other friends to contribute to the process. I’m hoping the video and song will be funny and entertain all audiences. When I finish the song I will get a group of friends that are into video work and begin making the video. The song was inspired by those popular Youtube videos that make sounds from household items and loop them into a catchy song.

I am a solo artist but I wouldn’t mind joining a band if I was ever asked. Deciding to make music in the studio myself was an interesting decision because the only experience with music I ever had was guitar and piano lessons. I guess what really drew me in to figuring out how to make music was seeing another family member of mine work on a song on his laptop with a little keyboard he bought for that specific purpose. That interested me as well as the way he talks about how making music is extremely hard so I wanted to try it out and he was certainly correct. When I have the chance, I plan on going into the studio with other artists and video makers and making music according to their wants and needs.

During my experience of learning how to make music from scratch I figured out that the people who the music we hear on radios and movies and television really know what they’re doing. It’s something you can learn but with years of focus and you have to be serious with learning it. Music production was an interesting and new learning experience for me and I hope I can apply the skills I learned in class somewhere in my future.


Wallapop by NTDG