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Solar Eclipse Coming August 21st

The information seems to be everywhere, but we just cannot get enough because it is so exciting!!! On August 21st, we will experience a total solar eclipse! Since this is a school day, Bryan Middle is working very hard to make this historic event memorable for our kids and staff! Safety is our first concern so we are providing approved eye protection for viewing. Our Science dept. is coordinating the details and we are all excitedly awaiting the day! If you would like information regarding this eclipse, here are a few options:

1. St. Charles City-County Library (you will need a SCC library card to view)

2. Three Good Videos About Solar Eclipses

St. Charles County Library Reading Programs

The St. Charles County Library District offers wonderful programs for all ages of readers throughout the year. There are also many family activities and the majority are free! Check out all that is offered and sign up to participate. Just go to , choose Programs and Events and click on Calendar and Registration. Most of our kids fall into the Tween category. Once you see the calendar, you can tweek your choices on the left by location, age and event. Have fun!!!!