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Looking for Arthur Conan Doyle's original Sherlock Holmes stories?

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Phyllis Wong

A mystery in which the clever and resourceful young magician, Phyllis Wong, helps solve numerous crimes including the thefts of a missing diamond necklace and the most valuable painting ever to come to the city.

"Conjuring is in Phyllis Wong's veins. It was passed down from her great-grandfather who, before his mysterious disappearance, was one of the world's most brilliant and successful magicians. Now Phyllis lives in what was his grand old home, converted into a number of apartments, in the middle of the city with her father and her loyal dog Daisy.

When a series of incomprehensible robberies takes place in the city, Phyllis realises there is much more to the crimes than meets the eye. It may be baffling her friend Chief Inspector Inglis, but Phyllis is determined to find out more. Who is this thief? What does he want? And how is he achieving the impossible."

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Greenglass house by Kate Milford

There is more to this mystery than meets the eye - things are definitely not what they seem. All the characters are confined to an isolated hotel in the middle of a snow storm. There are thefts to be solved as well as an old mystery and puzzle tied to the history of the hotel. Highly recommended!

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