drinking bad effects

by:jquan wells

alcohol hazards

drinking is bad habit for teens from 12 and older.it will most likely add up to suicide.Also car accidents.mostly teens today do get into accidents because drinking and driving its a tragedy.the other thing is is more safe to to tell ur child at a early age not to drink because they will have alcohol problems more in life at a early age.Also alcohol leads to a lot of unprotected sex at a young age.it could also lead to impregnateing.in 2009 it men gender was 58% in drinking more from ages 12 to 20 .girls are 48% little bit lower then guys.trust me guys drinking is not cool its not right for kids its not gonna make u cooler just make u sick leads to death and more u know.its not worth it especially another tip don't ever be in a car with your friends while drunk its not safe get out of the car immediately and call for a ride its not worth it.also at a very young age of drinking it if u are a heavy drinker u will have lost of memory in your brain and coordination.also u will have kidney failure and more Say no to drinking guys.