Character Education

Week 4 (December 14, 2015 - December 18, 2015)

Unit 4 Theme: Morals

Monday: Lesson 16: Moral Issues

Tuesday: Lesson 17: Good Judgement

Wednesday: Lesson 18: Developing A Conscience

Thursday: Lesson 19: Moral Commitments

Friday: Lesson 20: Morals and Values

This Week's Project

In this week's project, you will be required to read a series of writings that focus on ethics in society. As you read these writings, I would like for you to very close attention to the details that are presented. At the end of each reading, you will be required to answer a question that is related to the specific reading for that day. Remember, there are a total of 5 readings and 5 questions that you must complete for this project.

Discussion Board Rubric

Please be sure to follow the discussion board rubric when you are responding to discussion board questions. Following the rubric will help you post a response that meets the expectations of our course.

For your convenience, the discussion rubric has been placed below.

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