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The Fire

  1. Gather small sticks.
  2. Pile the sticks in the fire ring.
  3. Get lighter fluid.
  4. spray the whole bottle on the wood.
  5. Get lighter.
  6. light the fire.
  7. the fire died .
  8. get motor oil.
  9. get propane and a torch.
  10. sit by fire and tell stories.

Cause Of The Effect

My family and i were going to a rodeo and i was going to do tie down roping and i was warming up my horse and i didn't tighten up my saddle and it broke and pinched the horse belly and he started to buck and hundreds of fans fell to dead silence.

the time I got home

School was so miserable and when i got home i made me a snack and went out to feed my pig and i saw three coyotes and I when to all the doors so i can get my gun and all of the doors were locked and so they ran off and i when to feed my pig again and i when to school the next morning.
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