Dodge City, Kansas

The Cowboy Capital


Established in 1872, Dodge city was, and is still, an extremely busy city. It was named after its neighbor; Fort Dodge. The Santa Fe trail opened in 1821 by William Becknell, and was one main routes of transportation in the for both cities as well as Cimarron Cutoff which was shorter but contained more dangerous terrain; Between Franklin Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Queen of The Cow-towns

Dodge city is often referred to as “Queen of the cow-towns” or “The cowboy capital” because of it’s rich western history that is portrayed in museums across the town. During that time protection from raiding Indians was necessary; nearby city Fort Dodge offered just that for travelers and traders. Amid those early years Dodge city became known as “lawless” or “reckless” because of its weak law enforcement, many shootings and fights broke out around Dodge city resulting in multiple deaths. They attempted to create a cemetery, but in 1878 Boot Hill, Dodge city had no Official cemetery. So citizens with money were able to bury their loved ones in Fort Dodge’s cemetery, but many had to just find an acceptable place to dig a hole. Dodge city is famous in American history for its old western background and historical monuments and buildings

Dodge City, Kansas

Dodge city is located at the seat of Ford County, Kansas, United States of America.