Mrs. Esgro's Weekly Update

Buffalo Trail Elementary


As readers, we are digging into the difference between fact and opinion. This is an important concept to understand at an early age. As successful members of society, we have internalized the difference between the two and use our understanding to make both decisions everyday.

Tomorrow I will show students how to search for books at their independent level to add to their virtual Big Universe bookshelf. Children are encouraged to choose from this selection when reading independently.


As Writers we took our end of unit assessment for opinions. Students were asked to introduce their topic, write their opinion on that topic and include relevant reasons and a conclusion.

For the rest of the week we will studying poetry and we will also begin our Flat Stanley unit near the end of the week. Poetry will continue into next week.


We will continue our focus of adding and subtracting on the number line. We are discussing a variety of strategies that we can use to solve double digit problems. I encourage you to ask your child what strategies he or she uses to solve problems. Remember that the traditional algorithm, or "stacking" numbers is discouraged at this young age because children need to fully develop their understanding of number and place value.

Pajama and Stuffed Animal Day

The students have earned a pajama and stuffed animal day for Thursday, December 10! Students may wear pajamas (please make sure tops cover the entire shoulder) and they may bring a stuffed animal that is small enough to fit in their backpack.