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Publication 4 : 9/2/2019

Our journey begins... #180daysofwhy...#studentsareourwhy...#thisiswhywedothis

Big picture

8/27 & 8/29 meeting feedback requested

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Notes from Dr. Miller

Sooooooo EXCITING.... what an AWESOME start to the school year!!!!

It has been GREAT to be out and about learning the physical plant but more importantly seeing our students in the classrooms already enjoying the amazing learning environments you have prepared and are engaging them in. Thank you for all you did to make the new school year a success for our GATORS! Team Gompers is #Number1!!

It is evident that systems and structures are in place and that students are aware of the expected behaviors. Teachers, THANK YOU for explicitly teaching and establishing expectations for your own class management system with both rewards and consequences to support student accountability.

A bigggggggg SHOUT OUT to the Office Team...they have been the front line and they did an AMAZING JOB! Sooo many questions but they handled them with kindness and respect. Thank you, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Connie, and Ms. Tracy!

A big SHOUT OUT to the Recreation Team for THEIR POSITIVE ATTITUDE and for getting it done these first few days of school and being gracious enough to answer ALL of my questions as I am learning the logistics of the day to day practices at Gompers.

The commitment to our Gomper Gators is evident in the way we interact daily with our children as we work at establishing those relationships that are critical to student success.

Lastly, please, continue to stop by my office or stop me in the hallways and or playground to ask questions or provide me with a friendly reminder as I learn more about Gompers.


P.S. The Weekly Bulletin will not always be this lengthy....but its the beginning of the year. The Weekly Schedule will remain at the bottom.

Staff Collaboration

Staff Collaboration Agenda 9/5 @ 7:45


We are Gompers? Who are we and what do we represent? Mission, Values & Beliefs (Part 1)

-Clarity regarding Adjunct DUTIES, Clarity regarding Google Classroom/Gator Gazette &

Feedback on Feedback from 8/27 & 8/29


Instructional Focus Area

Clarity of Daily Learning Intentions

Teacher Clarity...How do you know students "got" the day's learning intention?

Initially, your first several weeks' will be working on the beginning of the year procedures and protocols, this will be the perfect time to ensure students KNOW the WHY and the significance of the structure or protocols you are teaching to support daily learning/engagement and maximum results in achievement levels.

Beginning and ending each period (MS) and or portion(s) of the day's schedule(ES) with the learning intention: What, Why and How is key!

Not only is it important for students to know what they are learning, why they are learning and how they are showing understanding(success criteria) but it is equally as important for the teacher to be mindful of knowing if students got it. In daily/weekly planning, assessment of the day's learning is the beginning stage vs the ending stage in planning.

1:1 Data Meeting

The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

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STULL Participants for 19-20 - 9/16

Annual Meeting for participants to review the process for observation and evaluation, Monday, September 16 @ 8:10 - 8:40

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LBUSD U6: Creating a Caring Culture and Climate


Making Connections With Greetings at the Door

School Leadership...........

Understanding what is SHARED Decision Making? 9/18

Come hear a presentation by ERO and TALB on what is shared decision making? What and how might it be beneficial to implement as we move forward in the next journey as a school community.

9/18 @ 7:45am (Voluntary but paid attendance)

Please note:

1. All are welcome to attend.

2. Once the presentation has concluded, there are specific steps identified for moving forward with an SDM committee at Gompers.

LBUSD, School Deadlines, Protocols and Structures......

Scholarly Dress Expectations

Each and every day Gompers students are expected to be scholarly dressed for school success. Scholarly dress is defined as school uniform and abiding w/LBUSD DRESS CODE (Board Policy):

Tops - Collard Shirts: Red, White, and Blue "uniform" Shirts

Bottom - Uniform pants and shorts No Jeans

Outwear - School Spirit Hoddies/Sweatshirts is highly preferred

Daily School Uniforms - Monday - Friday

or "weekly" School Uniform Spirit Day -

Friday - Gator Nation Day - Wear your Gator T-SHIRT & Uniform Botton/Blue Jeans (Friday ONLY)

Teachers/Staff must be models of this as well

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community......

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.