Dog-Ears: Summer Edition #2

Slackwood's Literacy Newsletter

Summer Reading Check-In

Hi Everyone! How's it going? It feels like we were just waving good-by at school but the summer is almost 1/2 way over! Before you know it we will all be back to school! Let's talk about how your summer reading is going- Have you been enjoying the books that you chose? Have you made it to Slackwood's library or to the "big library" yet? If not, there is still plenty of time to start a new story, choose a new book or come in to read some really cool books and say "hi" to friends and teachers. Remember, the more you read, the more you know! We cannot wait to hear which book was your favorite, where your favorite reading spot was this summer and what new things you've learned! Keep up the fantastic reading, we are very proud of you!

What's New and Exciting?

Free Online Books for the month of July!

Parents, if you have not checked out Star Walk Kids with your kids, now is the time! It is an online library of hundreds of amazing non-fiction titles that your kids will go bananas over! You can choose to read the books to yourself or have them read aloud. These high quality picture books will captivate your child's imagination and have them asking so many questions! The site,, was created by the famous author Seymour Simon. His web-site,, is also incredible! Definitely worth checking out!

Join us for our Next Online Read-Aloud July 23rd

This week we are teaming up with Ben Franklin Elementary School as we co-host our next online read-aloud on Wednesday, July 23rd, at 7pm. Email Mr.Billy to register for this fun and interactive live event! If you are already signed up, mark you calendars to remember to tune in!

Where have you been Reading this Summer?

We'd love to see where you have been doing your reading this summer! Remember to ask permission to send your pictures in of all the places you are doing your Summer Reading! Remember all reading counts- From cereal boxes to directions to magazines and tablets! Send your pics to all pics will be a part of our Summer Reading Splash Bulletin Board in September!
Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

Featured Book Review: Boy+Bot by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

Come Read with us at Slackwood's Library!

Mrs. Kapp and Mrs. Wallauer will have the Slackwood library open this summer for family time from 11-12 every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday through August 7th! Bring your child and explore the books together while you cool down. Exchange some new Pop-Up library titles and check out what is new and exciting in Children's Literature! We hope to see you there! (Parents must accompany children--Sign-In at the Main Office please!)

Thank you for Checking Out Dog-Ears! -Mrs. Wallauer & Mrs. Kapp