Egg Drop

Splats by the Dozen


One day in my first hour class my teacher (Mr. Landers) Walked up to the front of the classroom and said "Today we're going to work on a project, this is going to be a team project, But before you get up and start finding partners to soon let me explain the objective, you will be given a counted amount of materials, you will use these materials to create a capsule to protect a normal store bout egg from cracking."

Day #1 (Modeling/Drafting)

First me and my group consisting of Cade, Raimand, and kolin got back into our group of four, and started Drawing out designs, as well as verbally explaining idea's to try first. eventually we decided of a small capsule type compartment using are two cups stuffed with cotton balls, and packing peanut's. After a bit of testing we realized that no matter how much padding we had the friction was still going to crack the egg. So we decided that we needed some thing to slow the capsule down so it would land safely of contacted, our was of doing that was by making a parachute. on our first model was all held by string and tape witch always sliped and snap because of random jerks and direction changes.

Day #2 (Editing)

We got right back at it the next day first by switching out the string and tape on the capsule and parachute with Rubber bands and sticks. Next we started cracking on the changes to our parachute, first by adding shock springs to the connections on the edges of the parachute. (We add the rubber bands because, every time we would let go of the parachute it would jerk and cause the entire capsule to go off balance and shoot straight down into a dive like motion witch would end in me having to fix the parachute because no one else knew how, or cracking another test egg. After about five minutes of testing and tweaking we finally got it to work.

Day #3 (Naming & Testing)

As Soon as we walked into the room we got right back to are station we grabbed our box and stared talking looking around the capsules looking for any mistake we might have missed or something we could have improved on. After about 2-3 minutes of checking i decided to come up with a name for the capsule, what i came up with was S.P.L.A.T (S.P.L.A.T Stands for absolutely nothing.) once we were happy with all of our changes and the capsule in general, we walk over to the 8th grade stair case over by the library to test the parachute and how it floated and move. When we tested it the parachute worked fine, At least that's what we thought.

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D-Day (drop day)

we walked into class and started by replacing the test egg with the real egg, and then putting it in a bag with all of the other eggs, and then proceeded to walk outside with the rest of the class for the drop... it was our egg turn to drop as we stared up at the latter with our capsule hanging over the edge waiting for it to float or glide softly down to the ground and not crack. He finally dropped it but then the parachute failed and it came down to the black top in a spear like motion. and at the moment we new that S.P.L.A.T has gone Splat.
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