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October 8, 2018

Reminder- 2nd IPR cutoff Friday

The 2nd IPR (Interim Progress Report) cuts off this Friday, October 12th.


  • Be sure you have met your requirements for minimum number of assignments in categories per our handbook
  • Assignments due Friday or earlier MUST be included on the IPR
  • All of these assignments must be fully published (make the green circle COMPLETELY GREEN!)
  • Please do not put incompletes on an IPR. If you feel a need to do that, please see an administrator.

Grades will be due loaded by 5 PM on Tue, Oct. 16.

You may start loading grades on Thursday, and I will resend instructions at that time.

Projector Care and Maintenance

It appears that several of our projectors are reaching the point where bulbs need to be replaced. When that happens, put in a HelpDesk ticket and Victoria will bring her pretty green ladder down to replace it.

We would really like to extend the life of those bulbs as long as possible, and you can help! Turn off your projector when you are not in the room and if you aren't using it during class hit AV Mute 2x fast.

Fake News Credible Sources
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Digital Citizenship Month Continues!

I hope you have started to have some good discussions with your students about Digital Citizenship. Remember to listen to the question prompts each day on the announcements to get started. Here is the calendar in case you cannot hear the announcements. And if you need them, you can find extra resources here!

We are currently hosting a slow Twitter chat as well, and if you participate in the slooooow Twitter chat this month you can get:

  • A certificate that you can submit in Eduphoria for 1 hr of PD credit
  • A chance to show off some progress towards a TTESS goal (potentially)
  • A shot at a sonic gift card (as long as 5 or more people participate
  • A chance to find out what your kids really think about digital citizenship issues.

Not sure how a Twitter chat works? Come see me and I can help!

Just a friendly reminder, please use your professional Twitter account to engage in Twitter chats!

As an added incentive, if 5 or more LT teachers participate in the chat before Sunday night at midnight, I will put participant names in a drawing for a prize (Sonic or Andy's treat!) You can answer the question from this week or last! You have to tag your post with #FISDchat so I can see it.


Digital Melting Pot

I just wanted to remind you about the Digital Melting Pot (bit.ly/digmeltpot) where you can find information about all things technology.

We have lots of click sheets there to help you figure out how to do things ), information on resources for copyright friendly images and sound, information about Twitter chats, etc.

We are in the process of figuring our how to update this site and make it more user friendly. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I would love your input!

A Note About Embedded Videos including EdPuzzle

If you want to use this with kiddos during class time, you will need to be in a wired computer lab. Chromebooks won't work because of the fact that YouTube videos are embedded in EdPuzzle. It has to do with the fact that with an embedded video, we can't get students signed in to YouTube.

If you have videos embedded in a different tool/website, usually you can "pop out" the video and open it in YouTube itself which is a work around.

Big picture

PC Laptop issues

If you see the message above when logging into a laptop, please submit a HelpDesk ticket.

The laptop will need to be reimaged. Please include Cart name and Laptop #.

Victoria has been re-imaging the carts now that we know it is happening, so most of them should be okay at this point.

This is happening because every time a student logs in to a laptop, it creates a profile for that student. Too many profiles and the computer gets full and has to be re-imaged. Want to make the laptops last longer between reimages? If you are someone who often uses PC laptops in class, try to reserve the same carts consistently and assign kids a number of a laptop to use. This helps is 2 ways- it helps you track who was using which laptop AND it cuts down on the number of profiles on a device!

Team Tests in Aware

If you have been making or plan to make Team Tests in Aware, please be sure that you create them as Team Tests and not as Local Benchmarks. If you already made one and created it as a Local Benchmark, please go back in and change it to a Team Test. Thank you!

Another note about tickets

With printers, we do not change toner when toner is low. Please wait to submit a ticket until the toner is affecting the quality of the printing. We need to get every last page out of those expensive cartridges.