Snapshot Learning

2017 Term 1 Holidays

A few exciting new resources were added to Snapshot Learning.

Due to time limitations I only listed the main pages where the new resources were added.

You will quickly identify the "newbies" are usually they are embedded at the top of the page. Apologies if I forgot a few!


Aboriginal Perspectives Units of Work - 12 that were developed in Victoria. Despite this they are still a valuable resource to refer to and adapt.

Present and Past Family Life - 7 newbies

The Way We Were - 15 newbies

Workers in The Community - 7 newbies

First Contacts - Discovery of Australia - 4 newbies

Aboriginal Perspectives - 2 newbies

Explorers of Australia - 3 newbies

Building Identity - Flag for A Nation

ANZAC - Heaps of newbies

Australian Colonies - First Fleet - 3 newbies

Australia As A Nation - Multiculturalism - 3 newbies Global Connections - 2 newbies

Units of Work -

Past in The Present - Patricia Martin

Community and Remembrance - Merryn Whitfield

Community and Remembrance - Amber Fuller


Reading - Paired Reading, Reading Group Task Cards, Literature Responses, Reading Ideas To Inspire

Spelling - Spelling Training game, Insta Define, Toronto PS Scope

Writing - 6 newbies

Grammar - 2 newbies

Writing Lessons - Imaginative Text lesson - Alice Vigors, Non Fiction lesson ideas

K-2 Speaking Rubric - Mel Lord

Poetry Slam Day

Descriptosaurus - Writing freebie

Authors Purpose - 1 newbie

Inferring - 4 newbies

Predicting - 2 newbies

Compare - 2 newbies including the Disney Characters lesson idea

Characterisation - Animalia interactives and The Character Collection in Once Upon A Picture

Word Mover

Comprehending - Sentence Stems for Comprehension, The Cure and The Dough Maker

S3 Animal Lab Testing - Persuasive Writing - Alice Vigors

Reading Group Task Cards - Teresa Doyle L3 Student Check In - Donna Germany

Dogs and Cats free magazines and 3 posters

Units of Work - Two Wolves - Colleen Mitchell, Boss of The Pool - Sarah France,

Cause and Effect - Noah and The Deep Blue Sea

Online Readers - 2 new sites which are both bright and engaging. Great additions to a Daily 5 rotation (listen to reading)


Number - 6 newbies

Mult-Division - 5 newbies

Shapes - Create symmetrical drawings

Position - Using grid graphs

Data - 2 car racer graphs, adjustable spinner

Chance - interactive car race

TEN - TEN frame game

General resources - 6 great newbies


Student Reflections - 7 newbies

Mindset - Cultures of Learning

Visible Learning - Alliera Carroll's site, Thinking Pathways - Alice Vigor's site, Digging Deeper

Art - Husk MitNakn, Archibald Portraiture - Alice Vigor, Elements of Art posters

CAPA Units of work - 6 newbies

Rainforest Role Play - Pupils are introduced to the survival scenario

Facebook - Snapshot

Lots of great posts during the holidays.

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