Does your infant have cleft lip?

By: Hailey Luckman



We are looking for 40 volunteers with healthy infants that are either boys or girls up to 6 months of age with cleft lip to test if using botulinum toxin during primary cleft lip surgery can help the scars appearance. This study will start on September 27th 2015 and will end September 27th 2017 (Two years). On half of the infants we will inject them with the normal saline which will be the control group and the other half will be injected with botulinum toxin to see which works better. Parents will choose which toxin you would rather your child have and pick the dates of the visits. Any volunteers will be rewarded to have this surgey done for free and to say thank you, we are adding in $5.00 every month for a year. This test will be located in the st. judes children hospital 6000 Fairview road #305 Charlotte NC 28210. Call 704-554-7710 for more information or questions.

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