Castleberry Elementary Library News

October 2013

Our Library Media Center!

This year has started off great!! I am so excited to see students searching for books that they love to read and finding a "Just Right" book.

If you're not sure how to pick a "Just Right" book, think of the story of Goldilocks. She didn't want anything too hot, too cold, but just right. Books are the same way!! If a book is too hard (more than 5 words a student doesn't know on a page) then you won't enjoy it. If a book is too easy (you can read all the words or you only miss only 1) you will finish it too fast and it won't challenge you. To make it "Just Right" you only want to miss between 2-4 words on a page.


Don't forget that each class will need to use the Library Media Center at least once each semester for a writing or research lesson that we collaborate on. If you have a great idea, please let me know so we can get it planned out!! Also, if you would like help with integrating technology apps in your classroom let me know. I am willing to try them out or introduce them with classes in the library.

Reading Programs

This year students will have several opportunities to participate in reading programs.

Book It! Begins October 1st for K-5 classrooms. Teachers have received the information and should be setting goals with their students to earn their free pizza.

Six Flags 6 Hour Reading Challenge (More information will be available soon.)

Dallas Mavs Reading Challenge: Do you like to read? Do you want to win a prize? The Dallas Mavs would like you to join their challenge. If you read AT LEAST 2,000 minutes between October 7-December 6 you will receive a Dallas Mavs prize. The top overall reader from all the schools will receive an autographed Mavs jersey of his/her choice. If 100% of a class completes the challenge, they will be entered into a drawing to win tickets to a Dallas Mavericks basketball game!! I would love to see every class particpate with 100% reaching the 2,000 reading minute challenge.

Projects happening!!

Here are a few examples of students using Fotobabble in the library. The 1st and 2nd grade classes practiced using this the Fotobabble app on the iPod touches to describe a book they liked. Listen to a few of the examples.

The students really enjoyed getting a chance to use this technology and describe their favorite book.