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Mrs. Nafziger's Kindergarten News

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Week 30

Important Dates to Remember

April 7 - Skating Party after school at BGSU

April 15 - Kindergarten Screening at Board Office
April 21 - PTO 3:45-4:45 in the Pemberville Schools library
April 22 - Kindergarten Screening at Board Office
April 29 - Kindergarten Screening at Board Office
May 23 - Right to Read Week!
May 25 - Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo
May 27 - Last Day of School!

Classroom News!


Our class will read the story “My Lucky Day.” The focus will be on cause and effect, as well as reviewing sequencing. We will also discuss the genre of this story, which is animal fantasy. In this story, students are able to practice making predictions! Sight words will be a review of the words do, are, that.

Social Studies

We will be discussing all the different ways that people can work together to help take care of our Earth! This will be our focus for most of April.


We will be focusing on showing numbers using a tens frame. Students will really practice making large two-digit numbers using counters and tens frame to understand how that number is made. There’s a video on our website to help students understand how tens and ones make a larger number! Check it out! We are also reviewing addition and subtraction and trying to work on our math fact fluency.


Students will be learning about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling as we learn about Earth day and ways we can take care of our Earth.


This week we will be doing free writing. This will provide students the opportunity to write about anything they would like to write about! We are going to be discussing our Spring Break and making predictions about our story for the week. Students can respond in writing to many of these prompts. Next week, we will begin our informational writing unit.

There is not a Star Student this week!