Come to Bogota

The most biggest city of colombia

What is the City Like ?

it's located in the middle of colombia, is beautiful parks are well maintained,

The coldest city of Colombia

the most expensive city of Colombia


there are two museums, they are called "Museo del oro, museo Botero", the best museum is "museo del oro", its located in the center of the city, has two amusement attraction parks, they are called "Mundo aventura, Salitre magico", the best attraction parks, they are called "Salitre mágico", there are two hills, they are called "Cerro de guadalupe, cerro de monserrate", the best hills is "Cerro de monserrate", it's located 50 minutes away from the center of the city.


Ajiaco is prepared with stew meat, potatoes, peppers, onions and vegetables; It is very common in Colombia.

The changua is cooked using a few ingredients: milk, eggs, onion, salt and cilantro.

Traditionally taken at breakfast and is accompanied by toast which is added to the broth before serving at the table.

Ruana: The poncho is a wrap that is used to cover the cold.


Rock al Parque: these are days when people listen to rock music, this celebration is in the middle of year.

Festival iberoamericano de teatro: It is a cultural event originated in Bogota, the "World Capital of the theater"; is international and is made biennially in Bogota, Colombia.

Important People

Jorge Eliecer Gaitan

A person with history, Led in the Congress of the Republic a debate between 3 and 6 September 1929 for the murder of an undetermined number of workers of the United Fruit Company in the region of Cienaga, Department of Magdalena. The workers were demanding working conditions (hitherto non-existent) and fair treatment by their contractors. The killing of these people is known in the country's history as the slaughter of banana and is cited in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This gesture Gaitán earned the title of "Tribune of the People".

The Most Luxurious Hotel Club el Nogal.

The Club El Nogal, LOCATED IN THE commercial, financial and commercial district of Bogota, HAS A housing area consists of 32 rooms ¿EXCLUSIVE. USAN which can Enjoy All club amenities: spa, beauty salon and barber, wetlands, gym, massage, squash courts, pool, lap pool, shooting, bowling, bank branch meetings and PARKING.

Walnut Club Hotel

How many no parking in Bogota?

There is one.

How many cars are on the road?

There are some cars

How Wi-Fi is there?

There are plenty of Wi-Fi.

How much consolation there?

There is some wind

Are there several areas, either nonsmokers, smokers and children?

Not these areas vastantes

How many in the bar room there?

Is there a

The guests also have at their disposal a Complete List of Cultural Events, Restaurants and sports.

Price the hotel

The comfortable rooms are characterized by elegance and warmth.

• Standard: for single or double occupancy. It has two phone lines, minibar, cable TV to the TV, wireless and digital safes Why room service for 24 hours. € 76 / night

• Junior Suite: two bedrooms, standard room alive.

• Double Suite, two bedrooms View Standard Room COMUNICADA.

• Executive Suite: Standard room with equipped computer room, multifunction device (fax, scanner, copier printer

e) Two Rooms

• Walnut Junior Suite: apartment type room.

• Suite Double Nut two habitaciones¿comunicadas living standard of the UN. night € 76

How long is each room in the Hotel El Nogal?

The measure of hotel club walnut is my gain 356,378 Indicators RevPar is 199044

how much a Penthouse in the hotel walnut?

That is twenty four dollars for an hour, pounds and eighteen € 26éntimos Eight

Things to do in Hotel

Special Plans

The Club offers Exclusive Aircraft to celebrate special occasions, honeymoon, weddings and anniversaries.

• Plan Anniversary: Special underwear, decorated with flowers and fruits, including gifts, sparkling wine and dinner for the couple at the restaurant of their choice was made within the Club.

• Program honeymoon: the special underwear, decorated with flowers and fruits, UN Parr boyfriends include gift and sparkling wine.

• Plan Spa: For particularly those seeking a moment of relaxation and rest after UN Working hard day.

• Bridge Plan. This is specially designed, the plan is to families Accommodation for two adults and two children under 12 and includes breakfast buffet for a special rate.

• Long Stay: unlike the hotels in the city, the Housing Club El Nogal offers a special rate for a period exceeding 15 days of stay.


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Road-Calle Real, s / n

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