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2020-2021 Edition

*1st student day: Wednesday, August 12*

School Hours are 8:25am-3:17pm

Buildings Open and Breakfast Service begins at 7:45am Daily

*2020-2021 Calendar*

The School Calendar is also always available on the Central Noble website ( under the What's Popular tabs.

Please note that Open House as scheduled for August 11th have been cancelled. See the Open House/Orientation section below for information on alternatives available for students.

*A note from Superintendent Gaff*

We are proud of how our students, families, staff and communities have handled the challenges of this uncertain time, and we’re so appreciative of your incredible efforts and support this past school year.

Over the last several weeks the school board, school administrators, and teachers have been working to develop a reopening framework for the 2020-2021 school year. On July 21, 2020 the Central Noble School Board approved the Central Noble Safe School Reentry Plan.

The plan provides guidance for students and non-students, as well as education options for families. Some of the key components include: two learning models (Traditional/Virtual), mitigation strategies, self-screening, social distancing, transportation, health and safety, and exclusion/return procedures.

The corporation realizes that not all risks can be mitigated within a school or bus environment. As a result, there will be times while bussing and in the school environment where masks will be required. The building plans have been designed to minimize the amount of time that students will be required to mask. The goal in all buildings is social distancing in all situations to eliminate the need for masks. Unfortunately, there may be times when social distancing is not possible. Due to the inability to social distance on busses, masks will be required for the entire route. Parents are encouraged to transport their own child if they have the capability and desire to limit the amount of time that masks are worn.

There has been significant time put into creating a plan that has the ability to meet the varied needs of families. I would encourage families to look at the plans and decide which learning model best meets the needs of your individual family. If you have specific questions about building plans, you are encouraged to contact the district or building administration.

School will look different from what we are all accustomed to. The district will continue to look for ways to improve the plans to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of the students. Changes in the corporation plan will be posted on the corporation web page.

Thank you for your continued support.

Troy Gaff, Superintendent

*Back to School Plan*

On July 21, 2020 the School Board under the direction of the Superintendent along with Guidance from the Indiana State Department of Education, Indiana State Department of Health and the Noble County Board of Health approved the 2020-2021 Reopening Plan for the District.

With the plan, the District formally announced 2 options for returning:

Option 1: Traditional Learning

Option 2: Virtual Learning

You can find the Virtual Learning Registration Form at the bottom of this section.

We've also included below PDF versions of the Plans. You will be able to also access these plans at the Central Noble website homepage at,

Reopening Plan Summary/Overview

Full, Comprehensive Reopening Plan

Plan Specific to CN Primary

Plan Specific to CN Elementary

Plan Specific to CN Jr/SR High

Plan Specific to Transportation

Virtual Learning Registration

If your family chooses the Virtual Instruction option for the 2020-2021 school year, please fill out the registration form to follow no later than August 1. Please also note that you must have the PowerSchool Online registration completed as well to participate.

If you are choosing this option and you originally opted for bussing in your online registration, please fill this form out as well to remove your student:

*COVID-19 Education Information*

For information on how to protect yourself and others, recognizing the symptoms and the basics of face coverings, please view the information and posters below.
An additional informational video for students Grades 7-12 on COVID-19 was release 7/14 by IDOE. Please view the video below:
COVID-19 Information for Students
Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
As restrictions continue to loosen in our State, we encourage all CN Families and staff members to continue to follow safety guidelines. Maintaining vigilance will help our community, students and staff stay healthy. These continued efforts, especially as we return to school, are key in our safety.
Stop the Spread of Germs and Continue to Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines
Big picture
Our local Health Department strongly encourages the use of face coverings when in public or when unable to maintain at least a 6 foot distance from others, which weighed heavily on the reopening plans and our requirement of masks in certain situations.

Families who will be sending students to the traditional setting are encouraged to try multiple mask options to find an option that meets the needs of your individual student. Masks must cover the nose and mouth. If your child is unable to wear a mask, then you are encouraged to consider the virtual option to see if it better meets the needs of your family.

Wearing a cloth face covering CORRECTLY can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others. Reference the guides below on getting familiar with a mask and how to correctly wear it.

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Families going on vacation, please remember....
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*Nurses Corner*

COVID-19 Screening

Families & Staff Members should self-screen daily. Do NOT come to school if you are exhibiting one or more of these symptoms that can not otherwise be explained. Those who have a fever of 100 or higher MUST be fever free WITHOUT medication for 72 hours/3 days before returning.

Please direct questions to your School Nurse

CN Primary: Megan Eash


CN Elementary: Chelsea Carmien


CN Jr/Sr High: Charla Earnhart


In addition, all students and staff members will receive information and/or training to recognize COVID-19 related symptoms.

COVID-19 related symptoms (Based on CDC guidance):

  • A fever of 100℉ or greater;

  • Cough;

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing;

  • Chills;

  • Repeated shaking with chills;

  • Muscle pain;

  • Headache;

  • Sore throat;

  • New loss of taste or smell; and

  • Diarrhea.

Immunization Requirements

The PDF link below lists all required immunizations to enroll in school.

Nurses can be contacted with any questions regarding Immunizations or on how to submit a Waiver beginning August 10. You can find their email contacts in the section above.

*Open House & Orientations*

In order to limit visitors in the buildings in the days leading up to the first day of school (Wednesday, August 12), the Corporation has made the decision to cancel the traditional Open House format.

Alternate events are being scheduled as listed below by building. Please see below and/or follow our social media outlets for specific information/details.

CN Primary (Grades K-2)

*A virtual open house will be posted via our social media outlets. We will introduce staff and give a building tour. You can expect to see the video posted the week of August 10.

*Students, please bring your school supplies with you on the first day of school.

*Incoming Kindergarten AND New to CN Primary (Grades K-2 Only) Students: You will receive an email from Mr. Morgan to sign up for an orientation on iPads and to get a building tour. If you haven't received an email from Mr. Morgan by August 3, please send him one at with your information, student(s) name and grade to schedule a time.

*Class lists will be posted on Door 1 at CN Primary and Door 1AE at CN Elementary on Thursday, August 6. Please also check the CNP Facebook page on the 6th to confirm they are posted.

CN Elementary (Grades 3-5)

*A virtual open house will be posted via our social media outlets. We will introduce staff and give a building tour. You can expect to see the video posted the week of August 10.

*Students, please bring your school supplies with you on the first day of school.

*New to CN Elementary (Grades 3-5 Only) Students: You can schedule a building visit by emailing Mr. Knipper at beginning July 29.

*Incoming 3rd Grade Students can schedule a building visit for the week of August 10 by contacting their teacher (see class list info below) to make an appointment:

Miss Shrader:

Miss O'Brien:

Mrs. Fish:

Mrs. Getts:

*Class lists will be posted on Door 1AE at CN Elementary the first week of August. Please also check the CNE Facebook page to confirm they are posted.

CN Jr/Sr High (Grades 6-12)

Incoming 6th Graders:

*iPad turn-in/Laptop Pick-up: Wednesday, July 29 from 3-6pm. Full details on this event were mailed individually to families the week of July 20.

*6th Grade Orientation/Open House: Tuesday, August 11 from 5:30-7pm. Students ONLY. Parents/Guardians--Please drop your student to enter at Door 16 (Auditorium)

New to CN Jr/Sr High Students:

*New to CN Orientation/Open House (in Conjunction with 6th Grade Orientation/Open House): Tuesday, August 11 from 5:30-7pm. Students ONLY. Parents/Guardians--Please drop your students to enter at Door 16 (Auditorium)

*New students needing scheduling will make appointments to visit the Guidance Department on August 6 & August 7. Please email Mrs. Behm at with "New Student Appointment" in the subject line.

Jr/Sr High Students:

*Locker Cleanout (main lockers only): Monday, July 27 from 3-6pm. Drive-up/Curbside Service Only at Door 1 (Cougar Court). Students only may enter the building at that time if they have items beyond their main locker, such as the art room. Parents/Guardians should pull around to Park at Door 2 for students to exit. Students with items in athletics lockers should contact their coaches to retrieve their items. Parents ONLY may also pick up any medication a student left behind. This information was already posted on social media on July 20.

* 2020-2021 T-Shirts *

Big picture
Our staff will debut the new 2020-2021 tees as we make our way back to school!

We plan to offer a pre-sale for families to purchase the tee in late November/early December, just in time for Christmas

*Free/Reduced Lunch Benefits*

You can apply for Free/Reduced Lunch Benefits two easy ways:

1. Visit to apply online (recommended)

2. Pick up a paper copy at your childs School or at Central Office (must be the original pink paper only)

What to know about Free/Reduced Lunch Benefits:

**You must reapply for benefits each school year

**Benefits from the previous school year are only valid for the first sixty (60) days of the new school year-you must submit your new application during this time

**If you do not submit a new application or do not turn it in within the first sixty (60) days and your benefits lapse, you are responsible for any meal charges during that time

**A la Carte purchases at the Jr/Sr High are NOT covered by Free/Reduced Benefits. You are responsible for these purchases and must adhere to negative balance guidelines

Did you know that the Free and Reduced Lunch Program is a Federally Subsidized program that has no cost to the School District? Actually, it HELPS the district. Much of the Federal funding that the district receives is calculated based on Free and Reduced numbers.

*Meal Cost & Payments*

Standard meal costs for the 2020-2021 School Year are as follows:

Primary/Elementary Breakfast: $1.40(Full Pay) $.30(Reduced)
Primary/Elementary Lunch: $2.60(Full Pay) $.40(Reduced)
Jr/Sr High Breakfast: $1.60(Full Pay) $.30(Reduced)
Jr/Sr High Lunch: $2.90(Full Pay) $.40(Reduced)
Additional a la carte items are available for purchase at the Jr/Sr High. These items do NOT apply to free/reduced rates. All a la carte purchases are the family's financial responsibility.

Adults are also eligible to purchase School Breakfast or Lunch at the rates below.

No Free or Reduced rates apply to adult purchases.
Adult Breakfast: $2.15
Adult Lunch: $3.50
Additional a la carte items are available for purchase at the Jr/Sr High.

Payments to lunch accounts can be made in several different ways, as follows:
1. Online at (recommended for quickest application to student account)
2. In person at the school office where you student attends
3. In person, or over the phone at Central Office

Note: We recommend that only the parent makes the payment in person. Please do not send cash payments with your child. The school is not responsible for lost payments.

Low balance and negative balance notices are sent via email. You will receive a notice at $10.00, then $3.00 left in the account and then at $-3.00 and at -$10.00. You are also able to view lunch balances through your PowerSchool parent portal. Due to processsing time, we recommend you make payments toward the account before it reaches $10 left, to ensure your student is able to purchase a standard meal.

Please understand students are NOT allowed to charge more than 2 meals on a negative account. If an account is negative, they will not be eligible to purchase a standard meal. They will instead be served an alternative meal of a sandwich, fruits and vegetable and a milk.

Please see below our School Board Policy regarding Negative Lunch Balances:

Significant negative lunch account balances shall not be permitted. A significant negative lunch account balance is any balance owed in excess of $10.00.

If a student has a significant negative lunch account balance, s/he shall be provided an alternate meal, the cost of which shall continue to accrue to his/her negative lunch account balance, and his/her parent(s) shall be contacted to collect the outstanding charges. The alternate meal will be a low-cost alternative to the regular reimbursable meal and shall meet USDA nutritional standards or the Smart Snacks in Schools Regulations so that it qualifies for reimbursement under the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program.

Furthermore, if a student has a significant negative lunch account balance, the student shall not be permitted to charge any à la carte food or beverage items.



Students who live within the walk-zones of Albion Campus or CN Primary are not eligible for bussing to/from their homes. Shuttle services are available, as listed below.

**Students within the CN Primary (Wolf Lake) Walk-Zone needing transportation to Albion Campus for classes (Grades 3-12) may catch the Shuttle (Bus 22) to and from CN Primary daily. Students should be at Door 1 of CN Primary by 740am daily.

**Students within the Albion Campus Walk-Zone needing transportation to CN Primary for classes (Grades K-2) may catch the Shuttle (Bus 22) to and from Albion Campus daily. Students should arrive at Door 1AE at CN Elementary by 7:55am daily.

If a student misses a Shuttle parents/guardians are responsible for transporting the student.

Walk-Zone maps can be viewed below.

Changes to Bussing

We understand that with the release of the opening plan bussing may no longer be ideal for your family situation. If you have registered requesting transportation and would like to remove your student(s) from a bus, please fill out the form below. Please note, that this would pertain to your family if you are choosing the Distance Learning Option for instruction.

Remove your student from bussing here:

A Transportation Change Request must be completed for any long-term or permanent change in bussing. This form is available on our website under the Buses tab, by CLICKING HERE, or physical copies are also available at each school office. Please note that changes can take up to 48 hours/2 School Days to take effect, so plan accordingly.

Bus Rules & Route Information

Riding the bus to school is a privilege, not a right. A full list of Bus Rules & Safety Tips, including COVID-19 Information, is available on our website by clicking the Documents Tab under Buses or downloading below.

Our bus fleet now includes 4 buses with seat belts. Please download and review the Training Guide below with your student. This form is also available on our website by clicking the Documents Tab under Buses and will also be distributed to all registered bus riders in August. Students who are on a bus with seat belts, whether during their full-time route, a shuttle, field trip or athletic event, are required to wear their seat belt at all times. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Should students not abide by this rule bus privileges may be revoked.

Student MUST be READY AND WAITING for their bus each day. If your child misses the bus, parents are responsible to provide transportation to or from school. Due to tight routing schedules, the driver will not be able to re-route to come back for students who miss the bus.


View the maps below for specific information on how student pick-up/drop-off works for each building. Some changes have been made, primarily with bus riders, on entrance/exit doors to aid in traffic flow for social distancing.

Please also be aware of where parent drop-offs and pick-ups occur at the campuses. Parents and personal vehicles should not be in bus only zones at any time.

Please also note that all buildings open and breakfast service begins at 7:45am daily.

Questions regarding these maps can be directed to Transportation or your building Principals.

*Textbook Rental/Class Fees*

Invoices for classes will be sent out early this fall. Students who quality for Free/Reduced Lunches may also qualify for Free textbooks. Please be sure to submit your federal lunch application to see if you quality AND have the textbooks section marked.

If you have questions about book fees, please contact the Treasurer at your child's school.

Once invoices are mailed, a due date will be noted. If you are unable to pay in full by that date, you can make payment arrangements by contacting the school treasurer where the student attends.

*Student Contact Information*

Please be sure to update your contact information anytime there is a change with the school office.

If you move, get a new (or additional) phone number or even change your email address, it's vital that we are aware.

Our goal is to keep you informed! Help us do that, with accurate contact information.

*Impact Institute*

Programming for HS Juniors & Seniors Only

Central Noble will continue to provide transportation to the Impact Institute in Kendallville. With changes for COVID-19, the bus will now be Central Noble students only. Daily and Weekly cleaning procedures apply to the Impact bus, same as other buses in our fleet.

Transportation is provided to any Impact student who needs it. The bus leaves from Door 1 at the Jr/Sr High at 7:20 a.m. each day, and will return at 11:10 a.m.

Impact Classes begin on Wednesday, August 12, same as Central Noble.

Weather Delays/Closings:

If Impact is in session on a pre-scheduled date that Central Noble is not (such as Spring Break), the bus will still run as normal for students to attend. The only time the bus will not run is on a delay, weather closing or pre-scheduled day off that coincides with an Impact Closure, such as Winter Break. If you have questions about if the bus is available, please speak with the Bus Driver or Guidance.

*When Central Noble is delayed OR closed, the Vocational Bus will NOT run.

*When East Noble is delayed OR closed, there are NO AM sessions, even if Central Noble has not delayed or closed.

A printable calendar is below.

Any specific questions regarding Impact courses and schedules should be directed to either Impact directly or through the Guidance Office.

*Delays & Closings*

Delay & Closing notifications are available in the following ways:

1. Social Media. Follow us on Twitter (@CentralNoble) & Facebook (@CentralNobleSchools). Delay & Closing information typically hits social media outlets before the local news and radio get it posted. The building specific social media platforms typically also share this information as well.

2. School Messenger. Central Noble utilizes School Messenger for mass texts, phone calls and emails to parents regarding delays, closings and other vital or emergency information throughout the school year. Remember---if you have a change in your phone number(s) or email, you need to update it with the school offices in order for it to be updated in School Messenger to continue receiving these alerts.

3. News & Radio. Delay & Closing postings are distributed to :

*TV Channels: Wane TV (Channel 15), ABC 21, NBC 33

*Radio Stations: K105, WMEE, WOWO & WAJI/WLDE

*Laptop & iPad Service Agreements/Insurance Information*

Specific questions regarding the Service Agreements or Fees should be directed to the Technology Department by calling 260-636-2175.
Service Agreements and Usage Guidelines for CN Primary & CN Elementary iPad's are below:
Service Agreements and Usage Guidelines for Jr/Sr High Laptops are below:

*School Supply Lists*

School Supply lists are also available under the individual

school sections at