The Monster Mash

Our Weekly Newsletter September 16- 25


We have covered so much in the last 2 weeks, despite the time away from school. In language arts, we focused on blends. We played lots of games to practice spelling blend words (Sparkle, a matching game, and Spellercise). The kids added new blend activities to their spelling journals. We spent a lot of time on nouns. Right now, we are categorizing noun words as a person, place, or thing. We have also introduced the concept of main idea in reading. We kicked off this study by looking at wordless picture books. We tried to get the main idea of each story without any words to help. It was so much fun! In math, we finished our first unit on addition, and now we are on to subtraction. We reviewed the zero rule for subtraction, and now we are working on fact families. In science, we are differentiating between fresh water and salt water habitat. This week, we looked at the different layers of a pond. We discovered which plants and animals preferred to live in certain layers. We will examine more water animals in the coming weeks. In guidance today, Mrs. Cohen did a fabulous lesson about "Cool-off" spots. The kids discussed the need to have a place to go when they feel stressed. It was a great conversation. I bet they will share it with you! Lastly, we have had fun talking about the Jewish holidays. We read wonderful Yom Kippur stories, and the kids had great thoughts to share!

Important Dates

Wed. 9/16- Fri. 10/2- Collecting food for Operation Isaiah

Thu. 10/1- Lunch in the sukkah at 11:00.

Mon. 10/19- No Homework Night

Thu. 10/22- Field Trip to the Georgia Aquarium- details coming soon


Dear 1st grade parents,

Our short week was filled with learning all about YOM-KIPPUR = יום כיפור, including vocabulary words, song, stories and activities like TASHLICH and weighing good actions and bad ones on a scale.

Our letter this week was ש (SHIN).

Here are some words you may want to challenge your child with:

סליחה- sorry (slicha)

מחזור- prayer book (machzor)

תשליך- throwing bread crumbs into water (tashlich)

צום – fast (tzom)

Shabbat Shalom and גמר חתימה טובה =GMAR CHATIMA TOVA,

Galia Sabbag