People who Represent Perseverence

By: Adam Al-Qady

Intro to Perseverence

Perseverance is to keep going no matter what event occurs. Some people who have demonstrated perseverance are Nick Vujicic and Noah Galloway, Stephen Cannel, Derrick Rose, and Jackie Robinson.

Nick Vujicic and Noah Galloway

Nick and Noah both suffer from losing multiple limbs but they differ as well. Nick had no arms and legs from birth and Noah suffered from war and lost an arm and a leg. This is different because Nick had to live with it from birth although Noah suffered it instantly. Even though both suffered, both persevered through adversity.

Stephen Cannel

Stephen Cannel was a normal everyday boy, he went to school, played sports, and had friends. Although, in school he failed his reading classes and overall did not do well for years until he found he had dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficult reading. Dyslexia caused him to get bad grades. Stephen struggled in school but not on the football field. Later in high school he was recognized by Oregon, later he got a scholarship to play football. But then, he continued to fail classes and his scholarship was taken away. Stephen was going through adversity so he decided to try to start writing stories and autobiographies. He wrote a script and sold it to Universal. Later, he was hired by Universal and the rest was history. He became a writer of scripts for multiple t.v. shows. Stephen persevered through the adversity in his life.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose was a kid with a goal to be an NBA player. He worked harder then anyone else in all of his schools growing up and even was given the opportunity to play for the University of Memphis. He was outstanding playing for his college and soon became a household name in NCAA basketball. His versatile skill set made him elligble to enter the NBA draft in 2008. Derrick was drafted #1 to the amazing, awesome, beastly Chicago Bulls! Derrick did great season after season but one of his big accomplishments was winning The NBA most valuable player in 2011. Rose continued to do great until one moment changed it all. In the first round of the playoffs in game one Derrick tore his acl and was for sure out for the playoffs. After a MRI docters announced he could be out for a whole year. Fast forward to the start of the 2013 playoffs where Derrick was expected to return, but never did. In fact, Derrick did not return for the rest of the playoffs and that is where the rumble began.

Jackie Robinson

  1. 1919- January 31st Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia.
  2. 1938- Helps Pasadena Junior College win Baseball Championship.
  3. 1939- Jackie enrolls to UCLA.
  4. 1942- Robinson gets a tryout with the Chicago White Sox, he later gets rejected.
  5. 1945- Jackie receives contract with the Montreal Royals in the international league.
  6. 1946- He played his first game for the Royals and they won, later that year he and his girlfriend Rachel Isum had a child named Jackie Robinson Jr.
  7. 1948- Tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers, they liked him and signed him. When Jackie played in his first game the crowd booed him and shouted racial slurs at him because he was black. As the season progressed he took in more racial abuse but also gained respect from many fans.
  8. Later in 1948- Jackie was named Rookie of the year and was put on the cover of Time Magazine.
  9. 1949- Jackie was really trying to gain the respect of people but still persevering through the adversity of being made fun of. The making fun of pretty much vanished when Jackie put of astonishing numbers and was named the MLB's MVP.
  10. 1956- Jackie retires from baseball.
  11. 1962- He was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame
1972- Sadly, Jackie dies of a heart attack in Stamford, Connecticut.

RIP Jackie Robinson 1919-1972

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