Liam Melendez

Philosophy of education

I was excited to come to Carpe Diem because i was having trouble finding a school for me, and i was struggling with work and socializing with people. While i was at Petaluma high i was losing all motivation to do my work because i was focusing more on my social skills, and the people around me, rather than the work that was going to get me through high school. I was always good with the classwork and tests but that wasn't enough to help me get a decent grade in the classroom, i had to do the homework too which was my biggest problem. I tried going to Valley Oaks which was an independent study school, and all you did was go to class once or twice a week, and get your work assigned, and then take it home with you, and do it at home. I just goofed around and didn't do any of the work, so at that point i needed change and i looked into Carpe Diem and thought it was the perfect fit for me.

I agree with society’s idea, that everyone should be educated but i think there should be a different approach to educating someone. When you hit junior high, kids start going through huge hormonal changes, and they are trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be, but the whole time they are there, their views constantly changing, but it's hard to focus on that when you start getting piles of work that you can't handle. Me, for example; i was going through huge hormonal stage, and i was trying to figure out who my friends, were, who i was, what i liked, and what i wanted to do with myself. But while all of this was going on i was being bullied, and dealing with tons of homework that i had no interest in, and it's hard to speak up to a teacher that you know that doesn't care about your feelings because they deal with hundreds of different feelings a day. All of these things apply to high school as well, because now that our hormones are settling down, we are now having even more identity issues, and trying to figure out what you want to do when you get out of high school, and what classes you'll need to take to be able to have a chance to get into a 4 year college to have a successful future.

My best skill trait i have is my social skills. I acquired this skill through 4-H and FFA, in which i raised animals for 6 years, and i had to show them to people, and talk to people about them to find a someone who would purchase them. Having good social skills is, what i think, an important skill to have in the workplace. I personally don't have any career goals, because i'm still focused on just getting out of high school, and the only thing i can see my future being is something in the military, whether it be the marines, or something else.

I think effective skills to have would be leadership, cooperation, and responsibility. Leadership is a good trait because there are tons of groups in the workforce who need someone to direct them in their duties. Being able to cooperate with people is a great skill because there isn't one job out there that doesn't require cooperative skills, unless you're working from an office at home. Taking responsibility for things is one of the best traits you can have, because you could be taking responsibility for something positive, but if you're taking responsibility for something bad, it would be best that the person who did it take the blame rather than throwing someone under the bus to save your own butt.

The changes I've made here have really benefit me. I’am actually making passing grades in classes, and my social life is a lot more stable, and my at home life has improved significantly. When i first arrived here i was really motivated to do my best, and i was on top of all my work, but then after a little while i started really mellowing out, and not taking some of the work as seriously, which i need to change that really badly. As far as my perception of my future education i have no idea what i’m going to do, and i'm just focusing on getting out of high school.


My experiences in this class has honestly not been that great. The students dislike the teacher so they don't really give her a chance to start her class in the morning and for the rest of the day, until everyone settles down. The only thing I really enjoyed was having a couple of my friends in the same class as me. The new common core math system is extremely confusing and it personally think and I'm sure everyone else thinks it is absolutely mental and dumb, but that is not the teachers fault, she just simply teaches it. I found a lot of the work difficult because of the new common core math system. I don't know if it's the way the teacher was taught to teach her class or something else, but the work isn't explained in a way a lot of people understand. I personally think a lot needs to change and I'm not entirely sure what. I think that a mathematician studies difficult math problems and just majors in math. We have studied modeling with mathematics which is one thing a mathematician does, which is simply applying the mathematics we know to solve problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace, which in our case we apply them in our classroom.

I chose the Solving Polynomial Equations because it was an interesting assignment, that got everyone together and showed everyone's different way of thinking, and their way of problem solving. The task was to come up with two different ways to solve a problem that you were assigned, and you were supposed to draw it out on Paper 53 or the Explain everything app, and then we were supposed to save the image to our photo gallery and post it on the group website so everyone could see your work, and then you were supposed to pick one person post and write a positive comment about it. I put a decent amount of effort into the assignment, because i even needed help coming up with the second way to solve the problem.


I liked this assignment because we were given multiple options to explore and learn different things about the section that we were going to learn about. The direction was to look through the material that was given and then pick a subject to learn about and follow the material that was in the subject you chose. Most things were games that people could play, or just normal work that could be entertaining and that was supposed to engage you. This assignment wasn't too difficult so I didn't put a lot of effort into it.



My experience class has been good so far. My favorite activity was when we did the science lab on redwood tree’s and we measured the width and length of the trees out by the highschools track. Some assignments i've found difficult were some of the current events, and taking notes as we watched some of the videos we were shown. I liked some of the topics we went over this semester, like fracking, and the water cycle, and when we came up with our own digital water cycle image.

My favorite assignment was when we measured the length and width of the redwood trees, and then made a paper assignment out of it and a google drawing/picture out of it. We went out to the track and measured a tree we got to choose from and took our measurements and then we wrote them down when we got back to class. we also took pictures while we were out there and used those too make a google picture. I put a lot of effort into that assignment and i feel as though i should have gotten a B if not an A.


My second favorite assignment was the digital water cycle assignment because i was able to get creative with it. The assignment wasn't too challenging and all you had to do is find an image with all the elements of the water cycle on the internet, and then with an example edit text and various other items onto the picture and create your own water cycle. I thought i put a lot of effort into this assignment and i followed the directions as best as i could. I would give myself maybe an A because i thought it was really clean, and it was turned in on time.



I have enjoyed the assignments and Mr. Anderson as a teacher. The way assignments have been made are self explanatory and made simple. I also like how i can have a conversation and be treated equally by Mr. Anderson. Some things I’ve found difficult so far are the current event projects and how many we get assigned. I like the participation credit, because all you need to do is put some input in the classrooms discussion. I also like that we can bring up any current event going on and we can all have a classroom discussion about it. We covered a lot of topics in the class, but my favorite topics we went over was organized crime, and war. I like the assignments where we look at the slide shows of images and then we do an assignment going along and talking about each image, and what they could mean.

One of my favorite assignments in this class was coming up with our own propaganda posters. The directions were simple, and it was to make a creative colorful poster that was to try and influence someone to join the fight back in the day. It had to carry a powerful image, and speak a lot through an image rather than to persuade someone with powerful words.


Another assignment we did was the al capone biography slide show, where we studied organized crime and one of the most well known organized crime mobster. The purpose was for everyone to come up with a biography for Al Capone, and the directions weren't too difficult, but i don't remember them. I worked pretty hard on this assignment but i wish i had, had a different partner for it. I chose the assignment specifically because i thought i put a decent amount effort into it, and that it came out pretty well. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zcv-xDN7v0kkjjaVyca7QFwL3NS_RxmFe5P4qWaVDiw/edit#slide=id.g106a1c8288_0_0


English Reflection

My experience in this class has been great so far, I haven't had any problems with anybody and the work hasn’t been too difficult. Sometimes I either didn't know something was assigned or I just wasn't paying enough attention. I could change my productivity and improve my work output for a better grade. Ms. DeLeon has been a great teacher so far, and I have nothing to complain about. We have been getting a lot of work that i’ve actually been liking, but i haven't been getting it all done, lately. I liked the topic of robots that we were going over, and the movies we watched; IRobot was my favorite, and Surrogates was a cool movie, but it was kind of a confusing. The topic brought up a lot of discussion on what future robots should be and if they would replace humanity and completely change the way we live.

One assignment that we worked on and I liked was the blackout poem.

I actually put in a lot of effort into this assignment, trying to find the perfect play of words that I could come up with, and it ended up being kind of depressing in a way. The directions of the assignment were to read through two pages in the book All Quiet on the Western Front, and then blackout whatever you could imagine to make a 8 lined poem that had to make a decent amount of sense. After coming up with said poem we had to record our voice reading the poem, to make a video out of it. I chose this assignment to share, because I actually enjoyed making the assignment and it wasn’t super duper difficult.


My second favorite assignment we did in English was the English Final where we thought up a New “New Colossus” poem. I liked this assignment because it really brought out our inner thinking of how we think the country’s view of immigration is today. I thought I worked my hardest on this assignment because it was a great way to express myself and how I view immigration. The direction were to use the words from the original “New Colossus” and rearrange them, and add new words to come up with your new poem from your perspective of immigration. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NbSERgRBRjKNgwLrHPEK9K_5miCi4L0JC8Xm_9Y_5x4/edit


I loved the hikes that we've gone on this past year, except for the most recent one we went were i some how got poison oak. The hikes were great refreshers, and easy credit to get. All the hikes were fun, and they all ended well. The hardest one we went so far was the Indian tree hike were he hiked 5 miles up hill. The only nice thing about that hike was that fact that it was shady the whole time. My favorite hike was the Tennessee Valley hike were we hiked out to the beach, and got to hang out near some old military bunkers.

Shawn Wasabi

Shawn Wasabi + YDG - Burnt Rice (feat. YUNG GEMMY) by Shawn Wasabi


My most memorable learning experience was when we took the field trip to the Exploritorium.

This experience helped feel more comfortable in my class room environment.

I have discovered that I learn best by doing more physical activities.

Yes, my attitude has changed, and excelled in a positive direction.

My teachers can't do much except help me get out of high school.

My parents can help me by supporting all my decisions, and help me by making decisions that will help me.