Francois Clouet


Francois Life

Francois Clouet was born in 1516 in Tours , France. He spent most of his life in Tours and Paris , France. Francois's father was an accomplished artist , and took his fathers position when he passed away. He lived a normal life of a citizen in France. He woke up and went to work and did his job just like everyone else did. With the skills he learned from his father.He took over the position as court painter. Also he took the position of making imagery for French coins.
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Elisabeth of Austria

This painting was created in 1571 by Francois Clouet. It can be found in Musee du Lourve, which is in Paris France. Francois Clouet has painted Elisabeth of Austria, the Queen of Hungary . This painting is significant because it shows the wealth Queen Elisabeth had. Her wealth is portrayed in her clothing, the cloth around her neck symbolizing wealth, and being able to pay to have a portrait of her painted. This a interesting painting because it has a lot of detail of the clothing royal people wore and how they looked in the Renaissance time period. The -ism that connects most with this painting is individualism. This painting of Elisabeth of Austria shows that she is an independent, confident woman, very proud of her wealth, but yet greedy and only caring for her appearance and how others look at her.

More of Francois Clouet's work

Francesco Patavino - _Un Cavalier di Spagna_ - François Clouet.


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