McDonalds a la France

Jamie Stivers, Alexa Bass, Samantha Hand, Marianne Duer

What's on our menu?!

Le Auz Noisettes

Our most popular dessert here in France!

You can view the picture of the great treat below...


Our food relates to the culture because the items on the menu are food that people eat every day in France, such as the "Le Auz Noisettes". The building design relates to the culture of France because it looks similar to the structure of many other buildings that are in the country. The dress code in France's McDonald's is clothing that relates to the new trends and the weather, among many other aspects. All of this shows globalization because the idea of having McDonald's all around the world is crucial to the company. In order for people to have a better understanding of the culture and still be in their comfort zone, recipes and customs must be changed according to the location of the restaurant. In this case, the location being France.

Enjoy yourself!

We are located off of every other block in France. To the right, you will see a picture of one of our locations, as you can see, we keep our france McDonalds up to speed and very modern. We are located mostly on the sides of strip mall areas and right off highways. We hope to see you soon.

We are open 24/7!


In side most of our McDonald's we have a very modern look as you see in the picture!


Our McDonalds employees are held to a very high standard! They all have to dress the same way. The way we dress tells a lot about the company. We change our dress to go with our culture. At our McDonalds all employees wear their gray shirts with our logo on them kaki pants and barrettes also with our logo!