Save Chimpanzees

They're Endangered! by keeley daughtry

chimpanzees have the rights

Chimpanzees are endangered and we need o help them. They live in Africa and West Central Africa. They look so cute they have a cute mushroom nose, they have a great smile, and they are the closest to animal to a human. There population level is 172,700 to 299,700. Of them left they have lot's of threats, there biggest threat is habitat loss and there other one is Ebola a horrible disease that kills tens and thousands of apes and chimps.


They are cute and lovable they love to breathe free and play free. let's help welcome them back to there jungle.

Help is on the way!

The WWF is trying to save chimpanzees in there nature habitat. there trying to get there population up again. there doing every thing they can.