And the Digestive System

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Junk food and the effects on the human body

Some of the most common effects on the human body.

1.Extra calories

2. Blood Sugar Spike

3.High blood pressure

4.High cholesterol

5, Hard on the heart




The digestive System meaning

the digestive system is an system that begins with the mouth and extends through the esophagus , stomach , Small intestine etc now time hear what the Digestive systems does you will learn about the functions and how they react . Functions of the Digestive system the function of the DIgestive system is absorption .
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The Circulatory System Meaning and its function

Functions of the Circulatory System . The Circulatory System is delivering blood to the cells and removing co2 (Carbon Dioxide).
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The Skeletal System and its functions

The functions of the skeletal system are support protection and storage. The job of the Skeletal System is to perform vital movement