Midwest Whitetails

Perfect Habitats, Nutrients and Age Structure

Why are deer in the Midwest just overall bigger and Healthier than other regions of whitetails?

  • Midwest states like Iowa and Illinois grow record class deer every year.
  • Six different regions
  • Texas deer have small bodies and big antlers.
  • Florida deer have small bodies and antlers.
  • Chose this topic because I hunt.

Nutrition, Age and Genetics by James C. Kroll

  • 3 articles going into depth about nutrition, age and genetics.
  • Uses Iowa and Illinois as example states in the midwest.
  • Talks about how all our farmland is the key for deer.
  • Explains what nutrients they receive from everything we plant.

Breeder Bucks By John Ozoga

  • Proper age and sex structure
  • Which deer are dominant and what effect it has on the deer herd
  • Buck to Doe ratios
  • Healthier parents = Healthier offspring

Random Facts

  • Oldest wild deer was 15.5 years old in Georgia.
  • The average hunter sees a deer for no more than 3 seconds before pulling the trigger.
  • Large percentage of deer are harvested at 1.5 years old.
  • Vitamins A,D,K and E are essential for antler growth and overall health of deer.

Urban Expansion

  • Diminishing habitats for the midwest deer herd
  • Nutrients they desire becoming scarce
  • Will our kids get to see thriving whitetails in the future?