The followers are called Muslims

About the religion

The place they go to pray is called the mosque (minaret is for call to prayer) If you are Islam there are a couple things you have to do. Like the five pillars. Five pillars include: Faith statement that there is only one God named Allah and Mohammad is his messenger; pray facing Mecca five times daily, charity, fasting. The Qu'ran or the Koran is there holy book. Imam is the prayer leader and mullah is the teacher. Muezzim leads the call to the prayer, traditional from high atop minaret. Loudspeakers are often used today. Ramadan celebrates Allah giving Muhammad. Eid al fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan; gifts, food, family, and thanks. Abraham is a common figure to all religions which is called monotheistic. For Muslims the dome of rock is in Jerusalem. Declaration of faith: first pillar of Islam the faith statement