Skeletal System

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It protects our vital organs such as the brain, the heart, and the lungs.

.It gives us the shape that we have. Without our skeleton,we would just be a blob of blood and tissue on the floor.

It allows us to move. Because our muscles are attached to our bones, when our muscles move, they move the bones, and we move. In the bone there is marrow the proudes red and white blood cells.


When you were born, your skeleton had around 350 bones. By the time you become an adult, you will only have around 206 bones. This is because, as you grow, some of the bones join together to form one bone.The bones are

Fun Facts

  • Our bone is six times stronger than steel if both are of the same weight.
  • The size of the smallest bone is equivalent to the size of a rice grain
  • .
  • Of the 206 bones in the skeletal system, 52 of them make both our feet.
  • The number of bones in your neck and the number of bones in a giraffe’s neck is the same.

    Health Problems

    There is osteoporosis where is when you lose bone tissue and you have space and in the canal and it is replaced with soft tissue so the bone becomes easily fractured or broken.

    There is rickets a lack of vitamin D that can result to poor bone development in children.

    There is gout that is caused by a defect in your uric acid. Then the gout goes in to the blood stream that stops in the joins that causes pain.


    Skeletal system

    is made up of bones,

    children has more than 300 bones

    and adults have 206 bones, that feel like stones.

    The skull has

    21 bones that are together

    and one bone

    that looks like a beggar.

    You have 12 pairs of ribs

    in your body

    the first seven pairs

    are the most dandy.

    The system is made up of many more

    but these are

    the conquistadors.


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    Help improve your life style

    To prevent health-related problems, you can change your lifestyle habits. Some lifestyle habits you can change are

    • Not running in wet areas even if you are late somewhere
    • Wear a helmet in sports and when you ride a bicycle
    • Drink milk or other drinks with calcium
    • Work out for 30 min at lest two times a week