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November, 2012

Don't forget . . .

  • Tuition is due on the 3rd of each month. A $20.00 late fee will be enforced. Please place your tuition payment in the black lockbox across from the office on the wall. Tuition prices are also listed along with LALC closing dates.

  • LALC will close for Winter Break at 12:30PM on Friday, December 21st and reopen on Wednesday, January 2nd.

  • We will be closed on Monday, January 21st for a Teacher In-Service Day.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

  • Hayden W. will be 2 on the 1st.
  • Jonah C. will be 2 on the 9th.
  • Michelle will be ?? on the 9th.
  • Bobby B. will be 2 on the 10th.
  • Kristen will be ?? on the 19th.
  • Hudson M. will be 1 on the 22nd.
  • Jordan will be ?? on the 29th.
  • Bobby will be ?? on the 30th.

Usborne Book Sale

The Usbourne Book Sale was a great success! LALC was able to earn $324.64 in free books along with many donations of books for the classrooms from our own families. Thank you to everyone who helped make this fundraiser such a success!

Smart Discipline Class

Would you come out of your snug home for a guaranteed way to stop the fighting and bickering between your kids….or to get them to do what you ask the first time (without screaming your lungs out!)? If your answer is “Yes”, you’ll not want to miss the nationally acclaimed Smart Discipline for Parents Seminar that Little Angels Learning Center and the First United Methodist Chuch is bringing to our area. The information shared has benefited over 50,000 kids in the past ten years and is “America’s Most Well Attended Parenting Workshop.”

This FREE two-hour seminar will entertain and inform you as you learn the Smart Discipline System, plus how to insure your children will grow up with positive self-esteem. The speaker, Jim Garnett, is a Nationally Certified Parent Trainer, and brings to each seminar 30 years experience in family counseling. With a delightful blend of humor and honesty he describes the problems parents face, and offers practical solutions. We already know what doesn't work; come and hear what does!

The FREE seminar will be held in February 2013. Books and tapes will be available! Attending this seminar could make a difference in your home for years to come. Registration information will be available in the January newsletter.

Preschoolers' Holiday Service Projects

This month the preschoolers will be focusing on the essence of the holiday season —kindness, generosity and compassion. So, starting December 3rd we will be discussing these concepts and putting them into action through a few community service projects.

Each morning we will collect any loose change your family would like to donate until Friday, Dec. 21st. Then Saturday, Dec. 22nd we will meet at K-Mart off of Hwy 6 at 10:30AM to pick out items for “Toys for Tots” followed by lunch at Carlos O’Kelly’s (the toy drop-off point).

In addition to this, during class we will be creating holiday cards and decorations for elderly members of FUMC living in area nursing homes and making dog and cat treats for the Iowa City Animal Shelter.

"Let what you love be what you do. " ~Rumi

I truly believe that Little Angles has such a great staff because we all have a passion for the job that we do. Working with kids brings many joys and a few challenges along the way. We would like to give the families and teachers at LALC an easy way to encourage a teacher with a compliment. Located on the bulletin board in the hallway off the lobby is a giant cookie jar. Take a moment to jot down a compliment for a teacher and slip it into the jar. These will be read at the monthly staff meeting and a prize will go to the teacher with the most as well the best compliment.

Checkout this month's menu on our website.

Recipe suggestions are always welcome!

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