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Gregor Mendel Astonishes the World with Breakthrough

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A New Look On What We Are Made Of

Through research on the crossbreeding of plants for the benefit of food production, scientist Gregor Mendel has recently discovered and released his theory on how we humans obtain our traits from our parents. Mendel's theory of heredity states that for one person to gain a trait, it must be passed on by one or both of the parents. An example of inherited characteristics in humans is eye color. If you and your child both have brown eyes, this is not just by chance. You actually passed on the genes for brown eyes to your child during reproduction. Even though Mendel is a well respected scientist and geneticist, there are many who aren't accepting his discovery just yet.

Civil War Grinds On

As the Civil War continues, the South is beginning to lose it's steam. The Union has been making great strides towards snuffing out the last of the Confederate resistance. Read more on page 1B.

Transcontinental Railroad Construction Continues

As the Transcontinental Railroad steadily winds it's way across America, The Confederacy and Union are beginning to work better alongside each other towards it's completion. It is rumored that the railroad is helping ease some of the violence of the war through unity. Read more on page 2A

Controversial New Organization

In the southern states of the U.S., a newly formed organization is sparking serious controversy. The Ku Klux Klan is an organization geared towards the advancement of whites, and is seriously upsetting Americans that are involved in the Civil Rights movement. Read more on page 3A.