Life of a 1940's American Teenager

By: Drew Gorski

From the late 1940's through the early 1950's, there was a common mold that a teenager was supposed to fit. You were supposed to be many things but one thing you were not supposed to do was be different. For some people, this was tough, and for some, it was impossible. For example, if you were a homosexual at the time, it was not well accepted and would be very tough to live with. It would be hard for one to find someone to talk to about being homosexual. Phychologists were hard to find and probably very expencive. Even the government told the average American to steer clear of homosexuals because they were dangerous and pedifelic. Without outside help, a slightly different American teenager's life may fall apart because they do not have the will to go with daily life. If one did not fit the mold as an average american, they would have a tough time living in the late fourties and early fifties.