Walk Through The Blood Wall

by William Simmons 6th hour

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10 facts

The geography of china consists of snow capped mountains, deep river valleys, basins, high plateaus, deserts, rolling plains, sandy dunes, and volcanic calderas.
China is the forth largest country in the world by land mass.
China stretches across 5026km ( or 3123mi) across the East Asia landmass.
Western and northern china compose of mountains, sunken basins, and rolling plateaus.
Eastern and southern china compose of sea coast fringed with offshore islands, fertile lowlands and foothills.
Shanghai is eight times the size of New York city.
Chinese call themselves "The Middle Kingdom", they believe they sit at the middle of the world.
The natural resources of china are antimony, gold, zinc, tungsten, natural graphite, and diamonds.
China has over 50,000 rivers totaling in length to 420000km or 260975 miles.
Most of china's major cities suffer from a terrible smog problem.


Arts and Lititure

The main sports played in China are badminton, football (soccer), basketball, and table-tennis.
Some of the forms of art enjoyed are painting, poetry, and dancing.


China is home to 7 main languages, and 80 different dialects.
All the who have grown up in China can read Mandarin. (below)
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China's government is currently a communist state.
The current president of China is Xi Jinping. (below)
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Economic Systems

China ships about $2.21 trillion in exports every year
China spends $1.772 trillion in electrical and other machinery, oil and mineral fuels, medical equipment, automobiles, and soybeans.

Social Organization

China's family type is extended, but nuclear families are also very common.
The life expectancy at birth in china is about 75 years.


The main religions in China are Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism they are known as "The Three Teachings",considered to be a harmonious aggregate, each played a major role in shaping Chinese culture.
18% or 185 million people in China practice Buddhism.
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Customs and Traditions

You need to show obedience and difference to elders, responsibility to community they are the dominate parts of Chinese culture.
Rice or Fan, in Chinese, is the main staple of the diet along with scallions or bean sprouts.


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What countries are borrowing from china? answer United States and Russia.

Why does the U.S. keep borrowing from China? answer To order keep up with government spending and to prevent the raising of taxes.

Venn Diagram


1. GDP per capita is $9300.
2. Budget revenue is $1.8 trillion, expenditures total $1.9 trillion.
3. 4th largest country by land mass.
4. Literacy rate is 95.1%
5. Capital is Beijing.
6. 2 year military service obligation.
7. Social structure is formal and hierarchical.
8. Cooperative, works for the betterment of the group.
9. Saving face is important.
10. Humility is viewed as a revered virtue.


1. The climate varies extremely.
2. Suffrage (becomes an adult) is 18 years old.
3. They're similar in land area.
4. Industrial powerhouses.
5. Economic powerhouses.

United States

1. GDP per capita $50700.
2. Budget revenue is $2.4 trillion, expenditures total $3.5 trillion.
3. 3rd largest country by land mass.
4. Literacy rate is 99%
5. Capital is Washington D.C.
6. No military service obligation.
7. Social structure is loose and informal
8. Individualism, works for the betterment of the individual.
9. Saving face is not important.
10. Humility is viewed as a sign of weakness.